Friday, November 12, 2010

Painting on Walls

As promised last week, I thought I would share some of the painting I've done on various walls.

My first foray into big scale illustration was in the nursery at the church we attended at the time.  Walls in Sunday School rooms and nurseries have always been under utilized spaces to me. Children are left in the care of adults that they may or may not know each week. Sometimes they are scared. Often times they get bored. Having larger than life pictures to talk about and relate to has always seemed like a great way to begin a nursery stay.

For about 9 years a partner and I shared booths in various mini-malls around town. For those of you that don't know what a mini-mall was a store that had been divided into many different booths which were individually rented out.  My friend and I could share a space easily since our work tended to be small. I sold white washed shelves, wall plaques, small pieces that sat on the shelves....lots of stuff. 

One of the mini-malls where we rented asked me to paint the surround on their check out counter.

A friend wanted the top of her kitchens cabinets painted with a medley of fruit.

The last walls I painted were for a co-worker's wife after I'd quit crafting and had gotten a "REAL" job.  It was in a power room which was literally too small for me to get far enough away to take a picture of both sides of the toilet at one time.

Sorry about the poor quality of the photos. I had to scan snapshots I made, as all of these paintings were done in the pre-digital age. 

Hope I'm not boring you with these reminiscents of my past crafty days.  I've enjoyed being off work so much, because I've gotten to get back to my creative roots. I feel comfortable, capable and efficient here in ways which I will never feel in the "REAL" working world.  There, I always feel like a fish out of water.

But, reality is that I must get another job.  I've written this post while waiting on the phone to ring for a phone interview which was set up a week ago....It's been an hour since the time for our appointment...obviously I've been stood up.


  1. Your wall paintings are great Stevie. I really like that bathroom. The fruit in the kitchen looks a lot like a border my sister had in her kitchen some time ago. What a bummer the person didn't call when they were to for the interview. I hope you find something soon. I would be scared to death if I had to be job hunting. I haven't interviewed in some years. Best of luck to you.

  2. So sorry you've been sick, Stephanie!! Get better quick - for the baby! for the vacation! :-)

    I remember the church painting and the check out counter.

  3. Love the wall art. Have you done any of your grand kids rooms? I did a little wall art a few weeks ago. A friend and I painted a couple of trees in a little girl's room. They had "cling on owls" to put in the trees. I would of loved to have painted a few owls! Believe me, the work is very amateurish, but it was fun painting on the walls!

  4. Oh my goodness, you painted all of these, how talented are you! This is stunning!
    And I know from experience that it is not easy to paint walls, as I did that once in school wen i was 15. Me and my two friends painted a hallway that housed the lectures of music, chemistry and geography and sewing classes and we combined the images depicting these. We painted from our imagination, even though we made sketches and it was very difficult, mainly as we had to endure the tares of all the students as well.;) I often wonder whether that panting is still left, as this was back in 83, I have never been in that school since...
    I really enjoyed seeing the art of your past, one of my favourite posts of yours.;)
    Have a great weekend,

  5. Stevie, this has been such a treat, seeing what you used to do. I know the feeling of feeling like a fish out of water in an office. Wish you could use your talents in whatever job you find. It must be quite a worry for you. Holding thumbs.

  6. Stephanie, this is awesome seeing your art on walls. I agree with ArtPropelled about using your talents in whatever job you WILL find. You will find one so in the meantime just enjoy the time off.

  7. Stevie the church nursery walls looked amazing, as well as all the other art work you were commissioned to paint! Painting on such a large scale takes lots of talent and patience.

    I hope your interviewer finally came through for you.

    Good luck Stevie -- I know it's hard to find a good job right now. I remember when my daughter graduated college and her advisors told her the three industries hiring in the poor post 9-11 economy were healthcare, education and the insurance industry.

  8. You are so incredibly talented, I think you should be able to support yourself doing the type of lovely things you've demonstrated. I have no artistic skills whatsoever, except writing poetry, and, even that, is up for question.

    I really have to find some sort of work. Nearly two years of unemployment is killing me. A half pension, in the San Fran area, isn't adequate and I've not exhausted my entire savings.

  9. I am really enjoying these photos of your artwork. Do you miss doing the murals? I'm glad that you're getting back to your creative side. I'm trying to do that too, since I am now down to one part-time job. I have given up looking until Spring. Forcing myself to enjoy the time off though. Thank goodness for my blog, or I'd feel like the laziest person alive, even though I'm far from lazy! Maybe I'll get the painting done that's been sitting in the basement for 2 months. Your work seems to encourage me to get back to it! Thanks for that.

  10. It's always a good thing to look back at your accomplishments! We get so busy that sometimes I think we forget some of the really neat things we've done. Love the walls!

  11. I am really impressed with these paintings. I can't image painting on walls.
    Great art.

  12. you are so talented - i wish you could get a job doing these for a living.

    i hope the job situation works out soon - i know the despair of the wait.

  13. These are so impressive! They remind me of the itinerant mural painters of past times...

    Good luck in the job search...I have started putting out feelers for local jobs too...


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