Monday, November 8, 2010

Pretty in Pink

My daughter, Rachel is due anytime now.  Friends and family got together today and showered mother and baby with lots of pink pretties.

I can't believe I did it, but I finished her quilt just in time. For the front I combined three prints from this collection with a solid and a gingham check. The back is a soft flannel from the same collection as the three prints on the front.

Here's a list of things I learned while making this quilt:

1.  Take lessons instead of attempting to teach yourself the art of quilt-making. 
2.  If you insist on teaching yourself, research the internet. There are lots of helpful web-sites. 
3.  There is a lot more math involved in this hobby than a mathaphobe (such as me) may feel comfortable.
4.  Buy more material than you need if you can't cut straight. 
5.  Stop worrying about what you don't know and make the first cut. 
6.  Accept that it won't be perfect.
7.  Have fun. 
p.s. My DIL Robin makes the best Italian Creme cupcakes ever!


  1. Your daughter is so beuatiful! I love her gorgeous red hair.;)
    And the quilt is stunning, you did a great job.;)
    Enjoy this time of sweet expectations.;)

  2. That new grandbaby will be toasty warm and presented in a gorgeous way with her Grandmother-made quilt. Your daughter is beautiful.

  3. Rachel is DARLING!

    The quilt is did such a wonderful job on it and would you mind asking Robin if she could overnight me a cupcake please???

  4. A hand-made, grandma-made quilt, will be cherished forever. It looks beautiful.

  5. It turned out so well .. clearly it will
    become an heirloom to be passed down generations and treasured

  6. Your daughter is beautiful and your quilt is also! What a wonderful gift for your new grandchild... I am sure she will also be pretty in pink!

  7. I agree with the others, your daughter is beautiful. You did a great job with the quilt. The colors are perfect! I am sure it will be treasured for many years! It looks like a lovely shower, I love the pastel banner, so pretty. I hope you find your unfinished nut cracker set, it will be a nice Christmas project.

  8. A beautiful quilt made with a grandmother's love. What could be more wonderful? You daughter has that beautiful classing "glow." :)

  9. It looks great!!!! Yes, there is too much math involved! Math makes my head spin! I am off to take a pic of the mug rug!

    Great shower, your daughter is adorable and doesn't look near due!

  10. Beautiful quilt and your daughter is many times beautiful.

    Exciting time!!

  11. Peggy couldn't have said it any better: your daughter is absolutely radiant and the quilt is beautiful!

  12. Your daughter is beautiful and so is the lovely quilt....:-)

  13. The quilt is beautiful!!

    So is the baby bump! awwwwww!

  14. Rachel looks beautiful!Positively glowing!

    I think the pink quilt looks fantastic. If you think there are any imperfections in it(which I can't see in this photo) then they just add to the charm of it being handmade. Anyone can buy a machine made quilt but having one made with love by your Mom for her grand daughter-to-be is priceless, and I'm sure rachel will treasure using it!

  15. Yes, I think you made a family heirloom:) The quilt is pretty...and the pennants are too...but the prettiest of all is Rachael. She looks happy:) And she looks a lot like you!

  16. Oh that came out beautiful SW!!! Just like your daughter and new granddaughter to come! My favorite gifts were the handmade ones too!

  17. That quilt is something Rachel and her little one will treasure forever. What a lovely gift. You are so loving, Stevie. If I tried anything like that, it would need to be used for a cleaning rag!


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