Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Photoshopping Around

I've been browsing the random photos on my computer again. I love this old photo of two sisters. 

Their personalities seem so different, yet you can tell they are sisters.
I had to see what I could do with their picture in Photoshop. 
I could get lost playing with the paint and the filters.
Especially when I should be sleeping.

I feel that I should give a little explanation about my late nights since everyone assumes that I am an insomniac....which I'm not.  I'm a night owl and not having to get up early to go to work has feed my love of late nights. I struggle with myself  (some days more than others) to go to bed at a reasonable hour.  Last night I turned off the television 30 minutes later than I meant too at 11:30, but then sat at the computer randomly playing around until 1:30.  Because I had already been so bad I didn't allow myself to read any because I knew that would add another hour to my late night. I slept in until 9:15 so I got a reasonable amount of sleep, but another late start to the day.....although not as late of some......One thing I know, going back to a regular schedule when I get a job is going to be HARD!


  1. They look very sweet. And I like what you did with the image, it became very soft.
    I know all about insomnia.;)) Hope you had a good nigh nevertheless.;)

  2. Interesting. I hope you got a good night sleep.

  3. It's amazing how sisters can be complete opposites, yet similar enough in appearance, to see they are sisters.

  4. You are creative when sleep deprived. I hope you ended up getting a good night's sleep.

  5. Fun .. PS can be fun when its not making me want to smash it for being uncooperative

  6. Since I quit work I have been getting into those same bad sleeping habits as you....I stay up playing on the computer until 1 - 1:30 the time goes by so quickly! ...then I don't get up until 8 or 9... This is a far cry from my schedule as a nurse when I got up every day at 5AM and was out the door by 6:30:) I don't know if I could do it again! I blame it on the internet:)

  7. Each child in a family can be so what you did with the photo....sleep in an extra hour for me Stevie....:-)

  8. I just love your creativity Steviewren. Such a sweet photo.

    I'm the complete opposite, being a morning lark and a very eary riser, although I struggle in the winter with these dark mornings. I have a feeling we may all be slaves to our computers in one way or another!


  9. wow.. I need to download photo shop. It looks like fun! :) The Bach


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