Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Five Things I Hate...no Six/Seven

1. socks (because they make my feet hot and because you have to wear them in the winter or look like trailer trash....my apologies if you live in a trailer....I just can't think of a good analogy)
2. theft proof packaging (because I can't get my purchase out of it)
3. big box stores (because they make me sweat...winter and summer!)
4. my bum knee (because it hinders my life and because it hurts)
5. my neighbor's leaves that blow into my yard and fill my driveway (yeah...the ones you never rake, Jeff!)


 I wrote this post a few days ago and left it for later/today....#6 is my current hate

6. the one strand of lights on my Christmas tree that won't work  (oh the frustration! I do not want to get dressed to go buy one string of lights)

wait, wait...I'm getting a phone call....

now I have a  #7....

7.  the UAB Dental Lab who can't seem to get the crown for my implant done!

Please people, I need a tooth!  My appointment was just re-set for the 3rd time to accommodate their SLOW speed of work. If it isn't in my dentist's hand by Friday I will have to wait until January when school is back in session after the holidays.

.......deep breaths....inhaling and exhaling slowly.......

Is it okay to act like I haven't noticed the black hole on my tree where there are NO shining lights? 

I think I'm going back to reading my library book and ignoring the way the house is falling down around me.


  1. Good list ~ I would definitely hate the tooth thing, especially that!And as I used to be married to a dentist, I'd probably hate him too - just because.

  2. I can relate to item #4. A torn meniscus is the cause of pain in my knee.

  3. I like your list, or shall I say I DON'T like your list!

    I hate socks. HATE THEM. Today we had 18 degrees...I could NOT get away with the flip flops so wore SOCKS and boots! UGH!

  4. Oh, sorry about your tooth.;) I also hate the part Christmas lights that is not working, I had one outside last year and had to toss it as it was driving me mad.;))

  5. I am sorry to hear that your dental saga continues. I hate when a string lights go out. It is a black hole for sure. At least you have your tree up already. We will get ours this week. I love the festive look of your blog, very pretty!

  6. Oh, haha...this is like my list in a way! I do hope a big strong wind comes and blows the leaves away! And maybe it will blow some life into your tree lights! ha.

    Yes, you need your tooth! LOL!

  7. You touch upon some common pet peeves of mine too, like the one string of lights which isn't working after they were artfully arranged. Let it go, I tell myself.

  8. Sometimes making a list helps me vent .. other times, not so much .. I hope this helped you ... GAH!!!!!!

  9. Dental visits, and delays are never fun.....and a bum knee that is truly a pain in more ways than one....enjoy your library book....you deserve a break! :-)

  10. I love the photo you chose for this rant. This cold weather makes all of my joints ache. I am hating that. I love socks because they keep my feet warm when it is so darned cold. It seems that now the young people don't wear socks or even hosiery when they dress. I think it is crazy to me when I see someone so dressed up and they have no hosiery on with their high heels but that is the way of it now. Sigh...

  11. I can feel your agony over that tooth! It sure seems to be taking a lot longer than I ever remember having to wait...

    Love your list:)

  12. I LOVE this post (and I felt like the little guy that looks as though he wants to take a bite out of me) earlier this week. Do you feel better now that you have all of that off of your chest? I especially like the one about the neighbor's leaves; he lives next door to me, too (the lazy.....)


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