Saturday, December 11, 2010

Lucky Me!

Recently, artist Lynne Perrella was a guest host on Art Propelled. Take a minute and check out her interesting post on Russian Icons over there. 

As part of her post she sponsored a generous giveaway....which I was over the moon to find out that I won! When the package arrived I tore into it right away.

Just like Lynne's art pieces, the contents of the box had to be dissected layer by layer.  First I pulled out two tissue paper hound's tooth wrapped gifts tied with black ribbon.

And a hand stamped manila envelope, which I immediately decided I had to frame because it was so beautiful.

There was a set of Lynne's limited edition icon inspired rubber stamps for me to use to make my own wonderful art pieces.....which I've been twitching to use!  Darn the necessity of first getting my Christmas shopping done.

Next I opened the package containing A History of Icon Painting  The book is packed with information about the topic and has lots of colored plates of artwork.

And last, but certainly not least, there was a matted piece of Lynne's own artwork. By the time I discovered it, I was jumping for joy! I could not have received a better Christmas gift.  

Thank you Lynne Perrella and thank you Robin Gordon of Art Propelled.  
Please check out both of their websites.



Changing the topic....I've been meaning to show you this photo of Rachel and her two chickies.  Emma was two weeks at the time. Tuesday she'll be one month old.

 Happy Birthday little sister!


  1. You lucky lady. I saw on Robin's blog that you had won. Now that I see your packet...WOW. I am greeeeeen. I would love to have one of her stamps. WOW WOW WOW. Your sweet family is adorable.

  2. Oh my! What a wonderful gift! I'd be feeling the exact same way. How beautiful the artwork is. I'm on my way to check out her site right now - and congratulations there, lucky lady!

  3. I was so excited looking at the photographs and reading your description of opening the package! WHAT FUN!

    Love the photo of Rachel and her two precious babies! I know it makes Grandma SO VERY PROUD!

  4. That package is just perfect for you! And that very cool stamps makes me want to dig mine out with some ink pads! So fun!

    this two chickies are adorable!

  5. Great win, Stevie! I would be excited too! Good for you!


  6. The only problem with hosting the guest spot is I couldn't enter the lucky draw. What a wonderful prize! Lynne certainly knows how to wrap up an exciting parcel doesn't she?!
    Beautiful photo of your precious three, Stevie!

  7. Congratulations on your win, what a beautiful set of lovely gifts;))
    Your granddaughter is absolutely lovely.;) You must be so proud.;))

  8. Congratulations on being the winner of such a great give away. I think it went to the right person! You have a fun filled day ahead of you. Now, I would love to sit down to a ham dinner! I have a hard time relaxing, even when I am sitting I am not just sitting. My mind goes 24 7!

  9. What a fun package to receive! Congrats on being a winner. Your daughter and granddaughters are so beautiful...thanks for sharing the picture of them.

  10. Nice win, Nice gifts! a win/win situation....
    hope your holiday preps are coming along quite nicely!
    :) The Bach ~ Lord Thomas of Wellington

  11. Congratulation !!
    Those gift are generous.
    Wishing you and your family for all the best in this beautiful festival.

  12. Certainly some lovely prizes you won, congrats and may you have fun.

    Keep warm and thanks for the visit


  13. I'm having trouble getting comment sections to come up, but very nice gift, Stevie. I can't wait to see what you do with them...

  14. What a lovely piece of artwork! I will have to go and check out her blog.
    And what 2 little cuties Rachel has there : )

  15. Jealous .. til I remembered the fabulous postcards you made me and which I framed ... and little Emma is one bright eyed beauty ....

  16. How beautiful! I have to agree that the packaging is frame-worthy!

    Those cute kids are absolutely beautiful too! I

  17. Lynne's piece of artwork is uber cool! I have a small collection of Russian icons. That book looks like something I would enjoy, too. Wonderful pic of Rachel and her chicks!

  18. Stevie I'm so happy you won this fabulous give away! I could not think of a more perfect person for it to go to. Congratulations!
    My maternal grandmother was from the Ukraine and she always had an icon of Mary holding Jesus hanging in her kitchen. My mom has it now.

  19. PS Rachel and the children look so precious! It will be a very special Christmas for them:)

  20. oh, congratulations, the pieces are stunning.

  21. You are really lucky to have won such a nice gift. I love icons. In Greece, I so much enjoyed visiting all the orthodox churches with their beautiful icons. Of course, you could buy them in the many religious art stores around. My friend here in Daly City has a beautiful piece done my a Sante Fe artist that is quite large and dominates one wall in her home.


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