Thursday, December 2, 2010

Poems, Prayers, Promises

A Thanksgiving poem, written and performed by two clever, clever girls. 

And because I somehow didn't record the beginning, here are the words, just as they wrote them down:

A Chant About The Pilgrums

verse #1

The Pilgrums, the Pilgrums,
They had to leave, to worship
To worship God in their own way. 
But, oh, how the waves did heave
On the Mayflower one day.

verse #2

And when they finally hit the North American Bay
They shouted so loud you could hear them say, 
"Were here, were here in North America!
Were free!
Were free! Were, free!

verse #3

But that winter was a very bad one, 
And many into death they did dive.
But the next year, when winter came around, 
The Indians helped them survive. 

verse #4

Then that fall, 
They had a celabration.
They each thank God, one and all. 
They ate alot of food, 
And played alot of games. 
As you can see, all of them were in a happy mood. 
They ended thanking God for their wonderfull year, 
And we still keep Thanksgiving, and were having it right here. 

Happy Thanksgiving Every Body!

EG and those happy "Pilgrums" when they reach the shore.

MK and the diving dead....(dive cause something has to rhyme with survive!)

And because little sister felt bad because she wanted a part too, I helped her write a poem as please forgive me. I'm not as talented as those two clever girls. 

LC with her turkey illustration. The caption says " Wares my eggs?"

I've got a lot to be thankful for don't I?


  1. That was very sweet, you have some budding artists there in your lovely granddaughters!

  2. Oh my gosh, you are mightly blessed with such talented Grands. What fun it must be to be around them.

  3. Awww, it was fun to see this and read it. I tucked away EG's original "Chant" with our Thanksgiving decorations.

    See you SOON.

  4. You are blessed, indeed. They are the cutest girls, very talented! I would love to take that beautiful drive one day. It must be very relaxing, if you can dodge all the animals!

  5. Oh that's just adorable. The girls are just so sweet and clever.. and creative. It's in their genes. And I liked your quirky turkey poem too. ;)

  6. They are s cute, it must be such a joy to be around them.;) It makes me miss my niece, she loves to perform too (the one in my rainbow clip, if you recall).;))

  7. What a great poem your grandchildren wrote! Their artwork is wonderful too.

  8. you do indeed .. and so do they (and us too!)

  9. Creativity doesn't fall far from the tree around your place, I see :)

  10. Visiting you really makes me yearn for a grandchild. My son, Alex, and his wife, Laura, stopped by briefly on Thanksgiving to announce that my first grandchild will arrive in July. I was given a stern admonition not to blog about it or to announce it on Facebook until they give me the go ahead - they are only telling the other grandmother and me and a few relatives right now. I figure this isn't blogging about it and I wanted to tell you. I know you won't inform them!!! I really want a girl!

  11. Such sweet voices and such talented and happy granddaughters you have, Stevie! You are truly blessed!

  12. That story and those pictures are treasures Steviewren. The girls did well! - Dave


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