Tuesday, March 15, 2011

More Springish Signs

The forsythia is blooming in the backyard....or the yellow bell as we call it here in the South.

Saturday-on the deck in the late afternoon sun. 

Watching this fellow play with sticks.

Listening to chimes.

Sitting on dining room chairs-because I gave my outdoor set away.

Being gifted.

Trying to take pictures of this little fellow, but the sticks just kept getting in the way.


  1. The girls look very happy to be spending time in the afternoon sun. It was such a nice week-end, wasn't it?


  2. What fun to be outside with your Grands & daughter. Isn't spring great? Can't wait to see the forsythia in our garden bloom. They are so cheerful.

  3. I so look forward to forsythia, its cheerful yellow blooms are blazing a trail all around here at the moment too!

    Sweet photo of daughter and little one.

    Now then, why DID you give your outdoor chairs away - planning on a fab new set by any chance....?:-)


  4. Lovely snapshots of Spring! Even though I'm from the South (just not the Deep South:) I've never heard forsythia called yellow bells. Pretty:)

  5. times like these are so precious and beautiful. looks like a great visit.

  6. Oh my gosh, the smile on that baby - too sweet!

  7. Looks like spring down there!

    So you are having as much trouble as me getting a good shot at a moving boy! And the little one is so adorable in ther shamrock outfit!

  8. I have never heard the term yellow bell but that is EXACTLY what they look like! I had them in our yard at our old house and your lovely photo reminds me I want to plant some here at The Glen as well.

    Beautiful! Flowers, daughter, grandson!

  9. Oh, these images are simply so tranquil and they put my mind at ease... Your daughter is a beuatiful woman (she looks so happy and content) and your grand kids are so cute.
    Love the first spring days, when one can finally sit outside. We are yet to experience those moments, but I hope they will occur within a couple of weeks.
    Here nothing is in bloom yet - maybe a few crocuses here and there, but we are also so much more north then you. In my part of the world spring is only preparing its grand entrance;))
    Thank you so much for your very kind comment on my latest post.;)

  10. That is a great way to spend a Saturday. Does Ethan need a job, I have a few outdoor chores for him? I would love to see more of the artwork you have been making. I saw there was a postcard exchange going on a blog I visited over the weekend. I need to get involved in something like that. You hosted one a while ago, right? I am going to give the Save the Date card back to the happy couple.
    Have a great day! Enjoy all the pretty flowers!

  11. Oh those smiles are brighter than the yellow bells which is so much easier to spell/type than forsythiaaaaaa

  12. Hmmm.....'round here we actually say "yellar bells" ...
    :-D. Happy Spring!

  13. Oh my stars, that baby is just adorable! Especially in the darling shamrock onesy! Such a lovely day you had with the family!

  14. Forget the forsythia! Those beautiful smiles are better than any flowers! And nothing's better than boys playing with sticks...they just do that, don't they? Without any suggestion from anyone...they just know about sticks. :)


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