Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Some Funk for You

A seen at a very funky Mexican restaurant tonight.

I haven't seen one of these since the that a Smurf?

Mellow Mushroom for lunch?

How about a traditional English Tudor to prove we haven't gone all crazy down here in the South?


  1. Mmmm...I could go for some Mellow Mushroom! We enjoyed eating at the one near Gulf Shores, but I've discovered we actually have one here in AR about 45 min. away...gonna have to check it out:)

  2. Wow.. flashback! I want what you were having. Fun shots. :)

  3. is mellow mushroom related to magic mushroom?

    love the shots

    best wishes

  4. Love this mornings funk!;) Particularly that car - and yes, that is a smurf - or two actually.;)

  5. Some unusual photos Steph. Yes, those are Smurfs on that van. Haven't seen them for a while? - Dave

  6. I am not sure where my first comment went, so I will try again!
    I wonder who drove off in the van? A true 60's hippie or a today's version.

  7. oh how i miss these places. we have mellow mushroom here but, it's not a cool place like the one on southside.

  8. Flashbacks are a lot nicer than hot flashes, just sayin'

  9. That van is AWESOME! My husband would FLIP to drive that thing! (He loves crazy colors.)


  10. LOL at Daryl.

    I cannot see a smurf without the theme song playing endlessly in my head. Thanks for that, Stevie.

    Wanders off singing, 'La la la la la la, lalalalala!'

  11. That Mellow Mushroom made me feel a litle sad. There was one only a block, an easy walk from my mother's in Columbus, Georgia. It's now been a year since my visit there when I found her in such horrible condition, post stroke, in atrial fibrillation. She's been in an excellent extended care facility, near my brother's in suburban Atlanta, ever since. She hasn't a clue who we are, only occasionally remembers her name. I wish I could see her.


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