Thursday, March 20, 2008

72 Years Ago

My maternal grandfather owned and operated a local weekly newspaper for most of his adult life. Each year all of those weekly issues were compiled into books. Upon my uncle's death a few years ago, I became the keeper of all 36 year's worth of books.

I thought you might like to see some of the ads from 1936. Please excuse the poor quality of these photos. The pages are fragile. They don't lie flat. The color is uneven. But the content is so interesting. Click on each picture if you would like to see a larger image.

My Granddaddy:

The header on the paper:

Need some new shoes for Easter?

How about new clothes for the family?

Time to buy groceries?

Or maybe a new washer?

Federal Minimum Wage Rates, 1938-1997*

1938 $0.25 1975 $2.10
1939 $0.30 1976 $2.30
1945 $0.40 1978 $2.65
1950 $0.75 1979 $2.90
1956 $1.00 1980 $3.10
1961 $1.15 1981 $3.10
1963 $1.25 1990 $3.80
1967 $1.40 1991 $4.25
1968 $1.60 1996 $4.75
1974 $2.00 1997 $5.15

Postage stamps cost $.03, gas $.12 per gallon; average annual income is $1,327.00,


  1. This is so cool. Of course I have seen the papers before, but I'm glad you are sharing it with the blog world. Keep up the good work.

  2. Yep, I'll take some of those Easter clothes and groceries at THOSE prices!!! How fun. You know, I've never actually looked at those books. What a treasure!

  3. Thanks for the comment on my paper eggs. I have been to the Black Apple site before. She is so creative. Imagine being on Martha Stewart. I am jelous that you have 72 years of hometown history in your hands. I love history. Take care.

  4. Look Beyond, I can't image being on Martha. I would be rendered incapable of speech and would probably trip over myself or spill paint on the set or something clumsy. It wouldn't be a "good thing" I'm afraid. : ) Thanks for stopping by.


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