Monday, March 24, 2008

Sublime - A Good Book and Pen and Ink

Today I spent my lunch hour in my car again. This time I finished listening to Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen. I have been listening to it as I go to and from work for the past week. A good book makes the trip go by so quickly and I don't feel like it is 1 and 1/2 wasted hours of my day.

Oh, how I love these characters: Elizabeth and Darcy. Mr Wickham, a very bad boy indeed! Jane and Mr. Bingley. Mr Bennet for his dry sense of humor.

While I listened I also sketched some.

Both of these are drawn on top of a former calendar that I cut into 2.5 by 3.5 inch cards. The flowers and leaves that you can make out were part of the decoration on the calendars. I'm doing my part to recycle! Really, I am just trying to see what sort of effect I can get by combining the two images.

Which movie or television version of Pride and Prejudice do you prefer? The 1995 BBC adaptation starring Colin Firth or the 2005 movie with Keira Knightley? I choose both for different reasons...the BBC because of Colin Firth ( of course! ) but the 2005 movie because the photography was superb and you don't have to give up 6 or more hours of your life to watch it.

Did you know that the theme of Bridget Jones' Diary is taken straight from Miss Austen's book? Have you seen Bollywood's version, Bride and Prejudice? If you haven't, seriously see it. For those of you who have never seen a Bollywood movie, be prepared for music and dancing.


  1. Aren't you (and aren't WE?) so glad you started blogging?! Love the sketches....thanks for passing the gene to the Artist :-)

  2. I love this post. Ok, I'm going to give you all my opinions, but I'm sure you already know them.

    First, I love youR sketches! TheY are so whimsical but realistic. At first, I thought you drew in the flowers to give that effect.

    Second, I think I agree with you about the two major movie versions (because you know there are several more). I love the BBC version because it details the entire story, important and casual information. And of course because of the chemistry that Colin Firth portrays. But I was captured by the cinema photography of the 2005 movie screen version.

    Third, of course you know that I know Bridget Jones' Diary is taken from P&P. "Hello Darling It's Mummy!" Although, I have to say that I favor the book over the movie. Well at least their a close tie ... Also, I enjoyed the Bollywood version but nothing compares to true Austen.

    I wish I had thought to post about P&P (well, I suppose I did a little bit with the Easter eggs).

    Just a few BJD quotes for you:
    "He's a top lawyer you know."
    "I like you, JUST AS YOU ARE."
    "The gravy needs seething, Una."
    "I believe you went running around my paddling pool naked."

  3. Hi! Thanks for your comments and the advice, it made great sense! As for Pride and Prejudice (or prunejuice as my daughter called it!)it's got to be Colin Firth, for all the obvious reasons! And in the interests of market research how did you come across my blog? Thanks again Sharon.

  4. what lovely sketches. I love the idea of sketching over the flowers, there's nothing like good literature to inspire the mind! Lovely!

  5. Thanks Sharon and cloud9 for visiting and the nice comments.

  6. BBC hands down for me!!!!! I did not care for the other one at all, although the photography was quite nice the story was butchered.

    Love the sketches!! You are quite talented. Did you do your header?

  7. Thanks mod girl. Yes I did do the header. I used to have a big monthly desk calendar on my desk at work. All month long I would doodle. At the end of the month I would tear off the page, bring it home, scan it into my computer and begin to divide it into pieces and digitally alter it. I used one of those pieces to illustrate my blog name.

    Because I sometimes feel creatively trapped in a work environment that is brain numbingly, life suckingly non-creative, I have to make my own mini 2 to 3 minute art retreats. This year I am keeping a daily art/life statement calendar. I might take some pictures and blog about it sometime. Anyway, I try to amuse myself however I can.

  8. There are three reasons why I prefer the BBC production: (1) Colin Firth; (2) Colin Firth; (3) Coling Firth.

  9. Mikeyfan, me too. Have you read Bridget Jones, The Edge of Reason? It has the absolute funniest scene in it where Bridget actually gets to interview the actor Colin Firth. It is fall in the floor laughingly funny. The scene isn't in the movie because it wouldn't make sense for the real Mark Darcy to be playing an actor and a role. Too sad because that scene makes the book.


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