Monday, March 17, 2008

Amazing Blogger

Since my early blog experience consisted of stalking and lurking on other people's sites, since I think that said lurking has made me somewhat of an blog connoisseur, since I love to share my admiration of said cyber-jewels with you, I will from time to time recommend certain of these blogs for your perusal.

So without further introduction, I give you Granny Smith.

I hope my mind is this sharp when I am her age....unfortunately a lot must improve before I am in her league.


  1. I'm flattered! Is the artwork yours? I especially like your profile picture. Thank you for the plug and the link!

    I hope we remain blogging friends for a long time.

  2. Thank you for visiting and yes the artwork is mine. I enjoy your writing and I am encouraged by your interest in technology. So many people aren't interested in using new methods after a certain point in life. Go Granny Smith!

  3. Love the new header. What a little blogger you have become. And I enjoyed this post on Granny Smith.


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