Tuesday, March 18, 2008


On a recent weekend, I visited relatives in Madison, AL. After eating lunch at a new restaurant located in this shopping area, we strolled down the Centre street. Eventually we wandered into Anthropologie. I couldn't resist whipping out my camera to take these shots.

The dishes make me want to host a tea party.

The textiles make me want to redecorate immediately.

The collections of odds and ends entice me to browse endlessly.

But most of all, this sofa and these crewel pillows make me drool.

My granddaughter was just as enthralled as I was I believe.


  1. Very nice little spot that you have here, Steviewren! I love the header!

    Isn't Anthropologie fun?! I just visited one for the first time a month or two ago.

  2. I love these pictures. It makes me wish I had a zillion Anthropologie bucks so I could shop there any time I want and actually buy anything I want. But until Anthropologie bucks start growing on trees, I suppose I will shop vicariously through your vibrant photos. Thanks

  3. Ooooh, it's all lovely! Did you "steal" the photos as I did from Whole Foods Market, haha!

    Cute picture of A!

  4. Hey, just saw the yellow cup and saucer with the blue birds that I just picked up and blogged on this week! LOVE Anthropologie!!!

    You artwork reminds me of Modigliani! (just looked through your Flickr pix)


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