Monday, March 31, 2008


Man, oh man, can a family of 6 ever collect a lot of junk over 20 + years! My children are grown and gone and there is just me now except for a ton of junk, the detritus of 6 people's existence.

Starting last summer, my daughter and I began cleaning out closets, cabinets and the attic. One of my close friends helped me also ( thanks, you know who you are! ) I am hopelessly inept when it comes to getting rid of stuff. If it wasn't for their help, I still surely would be helplessly overwhelmed by it all. I get so sidetracked by the memories intrinsic in each item. I deliberate over the necessity of keeping each thing....will I need it again one day? Will I use it again? Will I miss it? ARRRRRRRGGGGHHHH!

The job is almost finished. On Saturday we will have a giant yard sale. I feel such a great weight of relief knowing that so many things have been purged. And I am looking forward to replacing old raggedy blankets, rusty muffin tins, the sticky high chair, and that ugly shower curtain with some newer models thanks to the proceeds from the sale.

Here is a partial list of stuff we will be offering at the sale: 2 rocking chairs, bookcase, an Ironrite, pictures and artwork, old craft stuff, birdhouses, wooden shelves, partial set of daisy dishes, rusty muffin tin, sticky high chair, raggedy blankets, tins, baseball bat, fish net, oar, wooden sled, small trunk, Barbies, Barbie's camper, car, furniture, baby dolls, lamps, linens, towels, shower curtains, wreath, old piano stool, lots o'luggage (ex-husband had a luggage fetish apparently), magazines, tole painting books, kids stools and chairs, child's rocking chair, drawing table and chair, army plastic explosive crate, fake flowers, beach chairs, bogie board, my old collection of elves....the list just goes on and on.

Pray for nice weather and lots of customers. I really want those new blankets and muffin tins.


  1. Good for you, wish I could come!

    So are you in or out for the giveaway? :-)

  2. Out, but I do like it...just don't need it and maybe someone else does.
    Thanks anyway.
    Love you all

  3. I just still can't believe the amount of stuff that came out of your house! Wow! But I am so proud of your power to purge!


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