Monday, November 17, 2008


Maybe it's just me but I wasn't impressed with the new Bond movie. I liked Daniel Craig's first foray into 007 territory with his debut in Casino Royale, but Quantum of Solace left me cold. While Bond movies are known for their fast paced action scenes, the chases in this movie were disjointed and hard to follow. For me that has always been one of the best things about watching 007; being able to follow him work his way through impossible action sequences and chase scenes.Bond is supposed to be sharp, suave and savvy, not a fearsome, stone cold killing machine. I didn't find much solace in this 007 story, but there was a quantum of fierce action.


  1. Daniel Craig leaves me cold. Period. Didn't see his first foray as Bond, in fact refused to see it. He looks so thuggish! Bond as you say so well, is supposed to be 'sharp, suave and savvy". DC looks more like a Bond villain than a Bond.

  2. He does seem to have fierce blue eyes!

  3. That's too bad, because I really loved him in the first one. Darn. I agree, Mr. Bond should not be a cold blooded killing machine. Maybe I should just wait and watch it when it comes out on DVD.

  4. Darn. That's too bad. The reviews are not favorable either, so, they must be accurate (for once).

    I enjoyed the first Bond movie with Daniel Craig. He is the quintensential Bond but I've read the original Ian Fleming's writings. Bond is *supposed* to be a cold blooded killing machine. He hated women. They were just objects to him. That's what made Bond so good at his job. Only Hollywood image machine made him suave.

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