Sunday, November 9, 2008

Random Thoughts on a Sunday Afternoon

I'm off today to celebrate the birthday of my first grandchild. I remember being so excited when she was born. They lived 12 hours away from my home. My divorce had just been finalized, but my ex-husband paid for me to fly there when she was three weeks old. I was still so angry at him that I really wasn't able to fully appreciate his kindness in doing that for me at that time. But it was kind. It's a wonderful thing for a first time grandmother to hold her grandchild. So happy 9th birthday Aubrey. I love you.

Isn't this the fattest chicklet you've ever seen?

This sweet young man called and arranged a lunch date with me this week. In my humble opinion, I have the best children in the entire world. I hope you think yours are too.

Yummy, chicken roll-ups! If I could replicate their slaw with Greek dressing and
feta cheese at home I would be in heaven.

Since Artober ended I haven't been sketching as much as I would like. This book is due back at the library soon. I read and sketched some of the patterns in it this week.

I've been quite taken with drawing that rooster. My work calendar has a couple of pages devoted to more roosters and my reports have had numerous rooster bits decorating them this week.

I took part in a mock trial at a local university's law school Friday evening. I might blog more on the experience so I won't say more than I enjoyed myself. This photo is the only one I took while on campus, since I didn't want to be late. I don't know if you can tell, but the tower is filled with bells that chime out the hours. I loved that.

The view from my kitchen window gets prettier each day. The trees have arrayed themselves in their fall finery at last.

One of the things I love the most about being home during the day is seeing the play of light and shadow on my living room walls. It says "here's a brand new day of promise...see what you can make of it."

Blessed be the Lord God, the God of Israel,
Who alone works wonders.
Psalm 72:18

How blessed are the people whose God is the Lord!
Psalm 144:15

Blessed be the Lord from everlasting to everlasting. He alone is deserving of our praise.


  1. Happy birthday to your granddaughter!
    How nice of your son to take you out to eat!!!
    That rooster would be right at home in my house!
    I love how the sunshines in my house during the fall. Summer sunshine shows way too many flaws!
    I know you had a little trouble with the ghost cookies. But my niece told me you could make them look like owls. Use brown candy melts {the peanut butter is very good), two chocolate chips for eyes and a candy corn for a nose. I think I am going to make them for Thanksgiving.

  2. Great photos. This autumn has been so generous in that way.

    Happy birthday to the kidlet. :)

  3. I love the egg photo. That's so cute. Happy Birthday to your adorable granddaughter!

    That was indeed thoughtful of your son to treat you to a meal. Anytime I get a free meal, I'm grateful. :o) "Food! I am so there!"

    I enjoy being home now too and watching the seasons march across our enormous picture windows. It helps make life worth living. And I especially love living in the country with all the wildlife and solitude. Helps me feel closer to God. ♥ ∞

  4. I'd forgotten about that cute pic of Aubrey. That was not long after we married.

    Good ole TJ! You DO have the best kids - thanks for lending me one (for a lifetime)!

    Many memories from standing at that kitchen sink, washing, talking, visiting...

    I love the light and shadow, too. Mesmerizing.

    Fave appliances: dishwasher, washing machine, hand can opener, salad spinner...can't think of others...unless you count my IKEA cheese grater!

  5. Quite a fascinating hodge podge of topics covered in this post. The grandchild....too cute! I love the egg, how cute is that!?

  6. Stevie ~ I hope my oldest calls me up when he's an adult and asks me to lunch. That is the sweetest thing ever! :)

  7. You do have the nicest family, Stevie. You are a blessed woman, indeed!

  8. Lunch at Taziki's(???) -- my fave!

    You are indeed surrounded by many blessings and many special people.

    Love your rooster... reminds me of Amos Kennedy, although your's is more elegant.

  9. Very good start for a new week ahead: a little bird came along Alabama:) Yahoooo yours arrives safely TODAY, Steph. So lovely so unique created in your hads! Loved, loved very much.
    My account now 8/11. Hope others arrive then just go for sharing -hopefully before this year ends, lol:)

    Have a wonderful week.


  10. Steviewren, I got your postcard on Friday! Thanks so much, its beautiful. I like the texture of it,and the layering technique. So that brings the tally up to 5 that I've received.

  11. Oooh, Stevie! I love that rooster! That is an absolutely precious photo of your granddaughter -- I'm sure she's growing up to be just as cute now as she was then!

  12. It sounds like you had a good weekend! Your Aubrey is 9 years old already! Wow! I feel like I ahve been waiting forever for my first Grand to be born --just a little longer now. I will probably see him when he's 3 weeks old too, at Christmas. It's hard to live so far away....sigh.

    Your son looks very sweet -- that was nice of him to take you out!

    Hugs, Pat


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