Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Just Some Nonsense!

There was an Old Man with a beard,

Who said, 'It is just as I feared! -

Two Owls and a Hen,

Four Larks and a Wren,

Have all built their nests in my beard!'

-Edward Lear, "Book of Nonsense"

Today was almost unbearably long. So glad it is over! How about your day? Got any
news to report?


  1. I had a busy day today - church stuff. Yesterday I was cleaning tile grout with a toothbrush all day. How's that for a bummer of a day?

  2. Yesterday we paid over $1000 to have our heating and air system fixed. Today, said system did not work. Three guesses as to who was at my house today and who will be here again tomorrow... In the meantime, no heat or air.

  3. I'm just up to my bangs in Christmas over here.

  4. Ah, yours is the 2nd blog I've come upon today with a limerick. You might want to check out more nonsense over at

    I'll answer your question though..

    It's not that I'm not feeling well
    And it's not that today was not swell.
    But for all that it's not,
    I just didn't do squat,
    So my day was as boring as hell.

  5. Muse, cleaning always makes a bummer of a day!

    Modgirl, I hope it isn't too cool there and I hope your fix it guy gets it fixed!

    PT and E, I haven't even started thinking about Christmas except to go buy a cheap smaller tree than the one I already have. I decided that this year I would like to get the tree decorated in 2 hours rather than 2 days. I have to get my son to come over and bring the old tree upstairs because it is so heavy. I could pick this box up myself. I hope I like it.

    Hilary, I am so impressed with your limerick writing ability. WOW! I could never do that. And yes, not doing squat is why my day at work was so boring.

  6. I adore this old man with a beard ditty!! I used to love saying it to my kids when they were young.

  7. Oh, and I am sorting 20 years accumulation of boys toys, clothes and a plethora of junk dragged from the bat cave. Oy.

  8. I love Edward Lear. I have a couple of his books, including an 1862 edition of his book entitled "Book of Nonsense". The pages are brown with age and the binding is sort of falling apart. I treasure it. Would you like me to post the illustration for the poem you've quoted in your post? It's hilarious!

  9. p.s.----Monday was one of those "will this day ever end' days for me....those are so interminable...

  10. I love Edward Lear's nonsense:) And your owl is so cute--I bought my sister a Christmas ornament last year that looks almost exactly like that.

  11. Lavinia, yes please do post the illustration. I would love seeing it.

    Willow, show us the goodies you find in the cave! Any really good stuff? My oldest has put some of his things he collected out of the attic on Ebay.

    Lora, the first owl picture is one I took in Target this week. I couldn't walk by it and not whip out the camera for a quick shot.

  12. A bit of good news...I filled up the gas tank at $1.71/gallon today! Amazing to fill the tank for $27 instead of $60!

  13. Cute limerick!

    I've had a mildly bummer day. Hubby is in south Florida visiting family (I didn't feel like boarding 3 dogs). So, I cleaned house to stay busy and accidentally broke one of my favorite glass decorations. *heavy sigh* It's just been one of those days.

    I needed a laugh. Thanks! :o)) ♥ ∞

  14. Actually, I had a nice day. I woke up feeling better than I had hoped. Finally got my kitchen to rights, made a nice supper, went to my first cancer support meeting, met very nice people who had helpful information, got a shot, came home, got some financial stuff sorted out, folded laundry, finished cleaning house, and even snuck in a nap. Felt good to be clear headed and productive. I like Lear as well, and am headed over to see Lavinia's picture.

  15. I had my hair colored today. Slowly going back to my my natural color which is brown. I have blonde hair now and I need a change! A little blogging, creating and oh yes, I washed the floor. Not exciting, but I will not complain.
    Love your owls!

  16. Hi was not only long, the whole friggin' week has felt that way!! :) I love your owl. Did you get my note about a turtle?? ;)

    PS I introduced a new art series tonight...would you mind sharing your thoughts?

    *hugs to you* May you have a quick Friday!! hee

  17. I had a great day, except I had to wear a coat and tie all day. I did ride in first class on the airplane as I flew from Charleston to my son's house to see the Grandsons.....Maybe you were just paying the price and enduring this day so others could enjoy a wonderful day.....Be blessed.

  18. This entire week has been done. TGIF. Cute owl!

  19. I love owls! My mother used to recite this poem to me as a child:
    "A wise old owl lived in an oak;
    The more he saw the less he spoke.
    The less he spoke the more he heard.
    Why can't we all be like that wise old bird?"

    Did you do the calligraphy on the daily ca lender? It's beautiful!

  20. Pat, I love your mother's poem. It is so true.

    About the writing on the calendar...nope, I cheated on this one. I just added the bird at was so boring I couldn't even think of anything to say. Once home, I found the quote and used Photoshop to add it. The font was Gigi.

  21. OOh !! I love the owls.

    I'm busying in my inches images. Hope you are fine there.
    By the way, just to check that whether have you receive my postcard ?

  22. Lay Hoon, I haven't received your card yet. I am ashamed to say that yours isn't in the mail yet but it will be on its way on Monday. I'll let you know as soon as yours arrives.

    I'm glad you like the owls. They are a current favorite of mine.


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