Saturday, November 22, 2008

Busy, Busy, Busy!

Washed clothes-check
Touched up paint in the bathroom that has been out of service for almost 3 years-check
Peeled wallpaper in the hall bathroom-check
Cleaned both bathrooms-check
Moved my stuff back into the finally FINISHED bathroom-yeah!-check
Dragged my dead tired body to Sips and Strokes to meet friends-check
Had a good time-check

The goofy looking girl at the bottom was the instructor. Too bad her eyes were closed. Too bad I look crappy. But I do like my picture this time.

Tomorrow, grocery shopping, cooking, more cleaning, more clothes washing, present wrapping (a shower for pregnant daughter is Monday night)...more of everything!

Lest you think I am superwoman...a very good friend helped me get a lot done last night and this morning. Thanks Nancy!


  1. Can Nancy come over to my house and play, sometimes?

  2. My but you *are* a busy girl...and you still find time to paint a masterpiece now and then, how do you do it? I won't remind you of all the clean-up after Thanksgiving...ooops, or did I just do that? ha ha ha...enjoy your will all be worth it as you and your loved ones feast and enjoy the good company...

  3. Oh my -- and I thought I was busy! I feel such "catch up" pressure these days, with all that is going on, and I'm not even cooking for Thanksgiving this year for the first time in almost 30 years! We are going to my brother's house as he has 7 grandkids and my house was getting to small to host the holiday for us all anymore and he and my SIL volunteered to do take it over and do it pot luck. I'm bringing the pasta dish :-)
    Your painting is wonderful! Is it a copy of a Monet?
    Have fun at the baby shower!
    Hugs, Pat

  4. You are beautiful, Stevie Wren! Love the picture too. Did those other ladies copy off of you? Their pictures look suspiciously the same. Please send Nancy at once! I still have a 2 page to do list.

  5. Your life sounds a lot like mine right now!

    Love your Sips and Strokes painting! (and no, you don't look crappy!!)

  6. Great paintings! Sips and Strokes sounds AWESOME...

  7. You ARE superwoman! I'm impressed....and need to get on my filthy house first thing in the morning!

    Love the Monets!

  8. have definitely had your plate full lately! ;) I love the paintings...all of you look like you had a great time!

    Hope you had a good weekend overall!

  9. Stevie Wren, I think you look cute! I love your picture. Wow! You did a great job. I wish I could participate in something like that. I know you had fun, but somehow I get the feeling most of the things you are a part of ends up being fun! I'm watching 24 and catching up on blog reading. I hope you have a great week. Hooray, it's a short week!


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