Saturday, April 18, 2009


I was right in the middle of typing up a post on Rachel's laundry soap recipe for those of you who asked .....when I discovered I wrote it all down except......the number of cups of hot water to use....what was I thinking? Usually this wouldn't be that hard to resolve. I would just call her and ask....but she is at Disney World. Of course, this is the age of the cell problem, I'll just answer......duh....she's busy having fun! So the recipe will have to wait. Sorry.

(starting to calm down...can tell my irritation level by the number of ellipses I am using)

I've been IMing with my TX son all morning about the virus that has been trying to hijack my computer. I have a anti-virus and a spyware application but after running it 3 times it didn't seem to be completely getting rid of it. So I called in the expert. We downloaded a trial of another anti-virus and tried it. So far I think it is working although the Internet is still running not 100% sure yet.

While trying to tell my son what I was seeing on the screen and not doing a good job of it he told me to do a screen capture and email it to him so he could see what I was seeing. So I did. He IMed me back..."it captured the screen with IM in front? I can't see the Norton screen ." Oh my gosh, I laughed at myself until I cried. "Stupid me hahahahahahaha" I IMed back. His reply, "Dork." Then "lovingly....dork." (ellipses love runs in the family I guess)

After all that irritation I had to take an Aleve. My shoulders and neck were killing me. Too much tension. So I decided it was time for a break. I covered up with my red crocheted afghan and put Nights at Rodanthe with Richard Gere and Diane Lane in the DVD player. Why, oh why didn't someone warn me that this movie is a major tearjerker?????? Not the kind of movie I needed to see today! Why would I ever want to watch a movie about a woman who has been jilted by her two timing husband, finds the love of her life in the middle of a stormy weekend, and after exchanging sweet love letters for months and months finds out he is killed by a natural disaster the day before he is coming to be with her forever....................ARRRRRRGH!

(recovering my composure now....)

This has not been my favorite day. I think I will go downstairs and try to make something pretty. I will only listen to soothing music for the rest of the evening. I will go get a icy Coke. I will eat some chocolate. I will be better later.


  1. Don't you hate days like that! It does help to relax and eat junk food! ha-ha! Hope the evening turns for the better!

  2. Icy Coke and chocolate is a sure cure for what ails you. I have been ailing quite a bit lately. Ever since Easter as a matter of fact. I had best get healed immediately or I will be sorry (fat)er.

  3. I think YOU need to be at Disney World!

    I'll have an icy coke with you. Love those!

    That BB... even from Texas he's quite the helpful and loving son. You're blessed.

  4. Okay -- so I'm marking Nights at Rodanthe off of my list.

    Enjoy that icy Coke. Put some ice cream and chocolate into it and eat/drink it all together. If followed by potato chips it is a sure cure for, um, not favorite days.

  5. Mod Girl...yes I am. In fact he just pointed out that I called my DVD player a CD in this post....I corrected that...thanks BB!

  6. Icy Coke...almost at the freezing sure to help...and along with a good dose of chocolate (...)!

  7. Oh my! That is nuts. I have to say that I would have done the screen capture EXACTLY the same...not thinking about the IM screen!
    Hope your weekend is going well.

    I am NOT going to watch that movie after reading your synopsis...I HATE movies like that! UGH!

  8. I just crossed that off the "to-watch" list!

    I hope you're destressed, dear! Sunday is, after all, a day of REST. :)


  9. Scheesh. What a day. Got any ice cream? The pint size is best, because you don't have to spoon it out into a dish, just grab a spoon. Get back under the afghan and put in a DVD that is The Philadephia Story or the whole pint as you watch a happy ending. Then go to sleep.

  10. Aaargh! A bum day, Stevie wren - I hope your Sunday is better!! Hugs!


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