Thursday, April 23, 2009

I'm In Serious Blogger Withdrawal!

I'm logged on from work because my computer is completely locked up. I'm waiting on my son to have time to come down and wipe it clean and reboot it all.

I miss everyone! I'll be checking in this way from time to time.


  1. And we're missing you, too! Come back soon!

  2. Isn't it just a pain when you have computer probs? I was wondering where you were. I hope things are resolved soon...I know how your sanity can be in the balance when you can't blog.


  3. Sorry about your computer trouble, that must very annoying.:(
    But hopefully it will resolve soon.;)) We will be here when it does.;))

  4. Grrrr! I miss you to, Stevie! I do hope things are better by Tuesday - we're having a tip to my Day Spa in France. If necessary, snag Debby's cr card and get yerself a nice new computer for the day.

  5. You're missed, you're not forgotten dearest Steph. Come back soon, tell your Son that the world impatiently waiting for you:)
    Take good care of yourself, all is gonna be OK. I believe:)
    Have a blessed Sunday.

  6. I hope you are drawing and doing lots of creative things while you are unable to get onto your home computer. Miss you..

  7. Stevie, I hope your computer gets well soon.

    Your package seriously made my day yesterday!!! THANK YOU! What a happy surprise that left me speechless. Thank you for your kindness and thoughtfulness, I'm thrilled with the prospect of doing some vintage sewing.

  8. Well Stevie this withdrawal should make for some interesting posts when you rejoin us! Hope we reconnect soon!

  9. My home computer broke down about 8 months ago. I have to use the one at work for all my blogging. Have not had the money to buy one lately. So...I feel for you.

  10. Finally, I get time to sit down at the computer to visit you, only to find you're having computer problems. WAAAAAAHHHH!!!!

  11. missing you too....hurry back....

  12. I agree with the comments above, you have been missed.
    The bird pattern is under projects and more, then paper crafts and on the second page under embossed birds. I missed it myself the first time, too. I made the wings a little smaller and put them on sticks. They looked so pretty hanging in the library foyer. I hope you find them!

  13. I miss you Stevie! Hope your computer will be better than ever after you son works his magic!

  14. You are definitely missed. My husband said that ours at home is messed up. I hope I can fix when I get home Friday night. I'll bet you are making lots of art while you are in blog withdrawals. I miss you. Trish

  15. I absolutely know how bad it is without a computer!! You hae my sympathy for sure.

    Hope to see you soon.

  16. I can so understand! I went through computer trials last month. Pain in the a**. We miss you too.

  17. I miss you too Stevie. I hope you are sketching like a madwoman so that you can do a whole post dedicated to the drawings that we've missed. Hurry, hurry back!

  18. I am missing you too Stevie! Hugs!

  19. Computer woes are worse these days than telephone issues used to be in the "old" days. You're cut off from too many. I hope you resolve it all soon.

  20. total bummer on the computer!!!! i would be having serious withdrawal as well!!! take care, hang in there and hope to see you back her soon!

  21. Being unplugged is a breeze after the first week - very liberating when you figure how much time we spend on it. ha ha I've been unplugged myself recently! Not having a computer to do other things, now that's a withdrawl for sure!! I read the news, research recipes, etc. I feel for ya!

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