Saturday, July 11, 2009

In A Nutshell

It's been a busy week at work and a lazy week at home.

Here it is in a nutshell:

My garden is over run by grass and weeds. Chick-fil-a has only one weed in their garden.

Taken while waiting in the drive-through. Lunch was a #1.

Had a free coupon for one of these. Since I don't indulge in
these very often, I think I'll stick with Starbucks. The rest of lunch was spent
in my favorite spot listening to my latest book on CD.

Two special people meet me for lunch another day. Two of us had
Thai Crunch Salads. Can you guess where we were?

I finally did it. I bought my first new purse in over 5 years.
It was time, wouldn't you agree?

Not a busy week....but it was my week. How was yours?


  1. Mom, so proud of you for using a coupon! Like daughter, like mother.

    Love the new purse, might need to use it sometime myself.

  2. oh, I love a yellow bag (I have one too.) where did you get it?

    my sister loves the McD's vanilla iced coffee.

    thai chicken? where? sounds so yummy.

  3. E is cheeky! So cute!

    Love the purse.

    You should've seen OUR yard after 17 days away....the shaded parts: 9 inch grass, the non shaded parts: fried grass.

    See you soon.

    ps: send me a thai crunch salad.

  4. Beth, Thai salad and fried grass....mmmm...leave off the fried grass!

    The best salad in town....Thai Crunch from California Pizza Kitchen!

    Rac, anytime!

  5. your little grandson gets cuter and cuter. and that yellow purse is wonderful!!!

    i had a very busy week at work as well and fruitful play in the evenings.

  6. It's those lazy hazy crazy days of summer. Love the new purse. 5years and no new purse. Don't let my DB read that. I am a purseaholic.

  7. Oh-oh-oh. I am lovin' that new purse. In fact, I think I like it better than my orange one!

    That Thai crunch salad is my fave.

    And look at that Elijah. He looks like he's got so much personality.

    You look great. Are you tan? I'm jealous.

  8. Thai crunch salad sounds yummy...and I love that yellow purse...a beautiful color!
    ...and that baby is simply gorgeous:)

  9. Good week here at The Glen.
    Have to say between Willow's orange purse and your new mustard...I am feeling like purse shopping! BUT, alas, I never find one...and stick with the OLD! UGH!

  10. My goodness you are frugal, one purse in 5 years.;) I buy one at least every 6 months.;)) Love the new one you bought though.;)
    My week was fine, too busy at work and too cold weather-wise; hoping for a change in both respects.;))

  11. Love your new purse, and little E even more!

  12. Congrats on the new purse .. what a winning color .. use it in the best of health!

  13. I like your new blog look! You sound like me -- I use the same purse I just find soemthing I like and then that's it. Your new yellow bag is very summery!

  14. He is getting so big and handsome, wow! And your purse is extremely stylish, I really like it.

    Don't you look so happy in that pic, like what they call a 'cheshire cat grin'.

  15. Y'all are making my black purse seem a little boring! ha!

    Thai Crunch Salad...I could eat one right now!

    That grandbaby is adorable...and growing like a weed!

    So, the McCafe wasn't the best? I'd been wondering! At least it was free! And I'll take a #1 anyday...yum!


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