Wednesday, July 15, 2009

No, really I'm not narcissistic....

John William Waterhouse, Echo and Narcissus

Narcissism: the trait of excessive self-love based on self-image or ego.

In Greek mythology, Narcissus was a handsome Greek boy who rejected the advances of the nymph Echo. She prayed that Narcissus would one day feel the pain of being ignored by someone he loved. The gods on Mount Olympus heard her and doomed him to fall in love with his own reflection in a pool of water. For weeks Narcissus tried to kiss his own face in the water. Each time his reflection would disappear in the ripples. He forgot to eat, eventually starving to death. When the nymphs came to bury him they found that he had changed into the flower that bears his name, the narcissus.

Going through my files of artwork, I realized that I've made more than a few self-portraits in recent years. Some are the result of class assignments. Some are ATCs that I made and traded. they are:

1st assignment in digital art class- the instructor took a photo of each of us. We had to use a paint program and digitally change the photo into a piece of artwork.

using the same photo but adding color and filters

playing around with a photo and photoshop one night

I inserted myself into this Renoir.

Another class assignment...draw yourself in the style of another artist. I chose Egon Schiele, but I really wasn't true to his aesthetic because I wasn't willing to draw myself naked. I did attempt to be really depressed looking.

Fabric ATC I made to trade....I think I look like a lioness.

ATC self-portrait made for a trade.

Come on, join Narcissus for a few moments and comtemplate your reflection. If you were to draw a self-portrait, what features about yourself would you want to showcase? What style of art would express your character the best? Which famous artist would you want to hire to immortalize you? Would you be willing to show the real you or would you want to cover all your blemishes and show the world the you that you would like to be?


  1. These are very cool. I've only ever messed with flower photos in Photoshop - those that haven't turned out well to begin with. It might be fun to play around with a face or two. Maybe I'll do just that..

  2. I have been away too long. I love the new look. I may have to put down my book and catch up on all my favorite blogs! Thanks for asking, I am making book markers. They need a bit more this and that and then they will be finished,

  3. Waterhouse of course! And I would look dreamily off into the distance and wear flowing dresses.

  4. I have always loved the story of Narcissus.;) In Slovak, daffodils are called Narcis.;))
    I love all the portraits! Wow, you are good!
    You know although I like to draw and paint, I have never drawn myself. I am not inspired to draw or paint my own image. Most likely as I dislike painting portraits in the first place. You ask some interesting questions though.;) I think I would love to have Leonardo DaVinci to paint me.;)
    And if I was to draw my own image nevertheless, I would hope I could capture the "essence" of me, rather then the physical likeness.;))
    Great post as always!;) xo

  5. These are so cool. They are all fabulous.

  6. I have only tried drawing myself once. A difficult task. I like all of your renditions of self. An artist I know did a hat I had on and she made me look nice. I think I would go with that. Looking familiar but improved. ;)

  7. you are so talented - I love the different ways of seeing you and in that, seeing you see yourself.

  8. You're up there with the best of them, BUT you've got a long way to GOGH!!! (In terms of number of self-portraits, I mean.)f


    P.S. Loving this new look - cool!

  9. No way would I contemplate my reflection. And as for being immortalized, please not in visuals. Just words. :)

  10. I'm too busy contemplating my naval to think about anything else. [lol] JK

    I would like to be immortilized by anyone who can truly draw portraits (not abstract) but with my luck would probably end up with Pablo Picasso.

  11. i love every word, photo, question and nuance in this blog, stevie!!!! you know i like to take photos of ME and do portraits of ME so you and i are in good company! i would love to commission an andy warhol and i'd want it to have a mariyn monroe-ish kind of flair.

    my fave of yours about is you in the renoir!!!!!

  12. Well, I think when I look in the mirror, it's easy to pick out the things I would NOT want to emphasize! LOL I've always been told my eyes are my best feature, so I guess I'd showcase them. I love the different modes of expression you used in these pics..all different and really interesting!

  13. Love these! You are so talented and versatile!!

  14. Most interesting! I love you in the Renoir, it really suits you. You look right at home and the Master would no doubt have chosen you as a subject of portraiture had you been hanging around...his hangouts!

  15. I love this collecion of shows how different the same subject can be...and how talented you are!

    I would have loved to have been painted by John Singer Sargent...or Mary Casatt...with my favorite part of me, my grandchildren, on my lap:)

  16. ...I meant to ask...What are ATCs?

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