Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Recyclables and Do It Yourself Projects

Have you seen the cool products made from plastic bags? While searching online recently for how-to instructions for this.....I found this cool site. Thought I'd share because I knew you'd like to check it out for yourself.

Or if you would rather have someone make a bag for you:

How about this stylish recycled bag made by ResourcefulRedesign? Check out her Etsy shop.

Or how about this one made by RadicalRecycks?

I love red! Bag by lousupercycles.

One day I'm going to give this a try. If you make or buy one before I do, please show us!


  1. That IS a cool website! I could spend a lot of time looking at the different projects on it, but unfortunately that will have to wait till tomorrow as it's bedtime.

    To answer your question -- The building landlord of 55 Water Street maintains the Elevated Garden. Thankfully they do a better job than the previous landlord.

  2. Cute idea.. if you're ambitious enough. I'd love to see what you could do with this.

  3. that looks like a great project - I can't wait to see how it turns out.

  4. I've started saving plastic packaging already. I enlisted Rachel's help saving stuff as well. I have plenty of plain grocery sacks but I'll have to gather plenty of colorful packaging for the outer layer. This project is just like me...I have tons of save "project" stuff all over the house! I already save bits of paper, now I'm saving my trash....oy vey!

  5. Very interesting! I was just working on a post about recycling tonight. The bags are cute! I saw one recently made entirely of juice pouches (capri sun). They were machine stitched like a patchwork quilt.

  6. Very interesting site; I love the idea of recycling. Particularly when it become something as colourful and useful as a bag.;)
    I have seen something similar, but the bag was made of discarded aluminium can rings.;)

  7. I was here yesterday (honest), but I got waylaid by your sandwich maker link and never got back. Sorry.

    I really like the bag at the top. I think recyclables are definitely the way to go - or else I buy gently used items.


  8. I came across these bags a couple of years ago, and they were so bright and colourful....but they were rather large, probably suitable for a day at the beach, which unfortunately is something I seldom get a chance to do....

    They did look very durable.

  9. I got one at Whole Foods that says: 'I was made of recycled soda bottles'

    Have you seen the ones made from candy wrappers?

  10. Hello!!

    Thanks for visiting!!

    Beautiful and different which I love.

    Magaly Ohika

  11. I'm saving my bags!...especially bright colored ones! Thanks for the fun link..


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