Sunday, July 19, 2009

Weekend Timeline

5:01 pm: left work totally spent
5:37 pm: stopped to pick up some food, corndogs and Popsicles...because needed to eat 'bad' to feel 'better'
6:10 pm: put up cold items, eat tuna and salad because am aware of need to fight emotional eating....wind up have two 100 calories fudgesicles anyway
6:15 pm to 12:00 am: zone in front of television...What Not To Wear and other stuff so unimportant that I can't even remember it anymore....

8:45 am-10:30 am: arrive late, make calls
10:45 am: stop by Antropologie, spend my birthday giftcard, leave there happy girl
11:22 am: stop by Taziki's to purchase my favorite humus for lunch
11:47 am: drop my vacuum cleaner at repair shop
12:15 pm-1:30 putter around, then decide to go see Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince
5:20 pm: see friends in parking lot that I haven't seen in a couple of years, have an intense but fast conversation.
6:00 pm: drop prescriptions at Wal-Mart pharmacy and shop for stuff
7:00 pmish: home, start some ATC cards, eat corndogs and chips, watch New In Town and channel surf for a while
12:00 am to 1:30 am: check Facebook and Myspace for clues as to the whereabouts of non-paying customers from my collection list at work...cause I am determined to GOTCHA them
1:30 am to 2:10 am: finish reading Cemetery Dance by Lincoln and Childs because I can't turn my brain off

8:38 am: read my new children's book, This is Paris by Miroslav Sasek, and then finish reading Henning Mankell's Faceless Killers.
10:23 am eat 2 pieces of cinnamon bread with pineapple cream cheese and a banana
10:24 am-11:47 am: watch mindless ER dramatization on Lifetime or TLC or sumthin....
12:00 pm: Rachel calls to say she and Elijah are coming to visit....I get up, get dressed and clean house quickly, throw dirty clothes in washer
12:30 pmish-6:00 pmish: play with baby, visit, talk, eat tomato and bacon sandwiches, talk, play with baby, watch Under The Same Moon, kiss baby and daughter bye-bye
6:05 pm: eat corndogs again, work on ATC cards, do more laundry, write this blog post



  1. mmmmmmmmmmmmmm hummus and then popcicles. yummy

  2. Ahh... a busy weekend. :)
    hope you have a happy weekend.

  3. Well, if it refreshed you then it was well-spent. Reading books, kissing babies, getting errands done. It looks pretty productive to me.

  4. What a busy weekend! I so get it how you can stay up late reading Preston and Child novels, they keep me up half the night as well as I can not put them down!;))
    Btw, isn't Miroslav Sasek Czech? The name is very Czech sounding to me.;)) Sasek is actually spelled Šašek and means Clown.;))
    Have a great Monday.;))

  5. It all sounds fun to me! I haven't had a corn dog in years!

  6. What fabulous post.. having been away at a blogfest which ironically had no wireless connectivity .. I have a lot to catch up on ..

  7. good for you!! what did you think of hp movie 6???!!! you tell me first and then i'll go next! i have very strong feelings about it. hee hee

  8. This is great!!!! :)

    Happy day,

  9. You had me at... Corndogs! ha ha This was fun, thanks for sharing!

  10. I have to fight emotional eating too. My weekness is bagels dripping with butter and beef a roni! I've already gained 7 pounds ater a week of my midnight obsession with chef boy ar dee:) Those fudgeacles sound awesome when it comes to calories!

  11. You have me laughing and laughing!...I sounds like a perfectly fine way to spend a weekend to me!

  12. I call that a good weekend...especially the FUDGESICLES!

  13. I hate it when I can't turn my brain off or power down. I think a mess of those corndogs smeared in Woeber's mustard and a good Agatha Christie story to curl up with would have satisfied that though. :o)

  14. Thank you for missing me. I love your weekend. It sounds glorious to me. I need to get back with my art. I need to learn more about those little picture thingies you exchange. Your family is so happy looking. I have meant to tell you that before. Come to Atlanta sometime and let's do lunch and go to Ikea.

  15. The best part was playing with the baby! I wish I could play with my little grand..I have to do it through Skype. Dang

  16. How to waste a weekend? I think not. I see "recharge of batteries" and that's how its done. Oh by the way, "stopped to pick up some food, corndogs and Popsicles...because needed to eat 'bad' to feel 'better'"

    Oh Stevie I totally, TOTALLY 'get' that!!


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