Thursday, July 9, 2009

Postcard Friendship Friday

Greetings from Gulf Shores, Alabama! Where the sand is white, the shrimp is delicious and the folks speak with slow southern drawls.

My friend Gwyne sent this card to me the year stamps cost 34 cents...whenever that was. I can't read the postmarked date. I keep this card propped up in my roll top desk. Over all the years of our friendship, she has sent me numerous cards. I keep the one of two poodles under hairdryers on my inspiration board downstairs. I appreciate her quick-witted big personality and she says she appreciates my spontaneity.

I like to think that Gwyne's writing reflects the hyperbole of her personality. It is big, bold and decisive, but with a flare that says "I won't let the world miss out on the fact that I was here!"

People come in all sizes and shapes. Just like snowflakes, we are all originals.

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  1. Great message!!!
    I also happened to love the movie "amelie", enchanting!
    thanks for coming by!!!
    the drawing below, too quiet, is wonderful!

  2. Oh, the beautiful seashore, is the good destination which takes vacation. : )
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  3. Gulf Shores!!!!! Ahhh! Swoon! This IS my childhood! Every weekend during the summer we either went to Gulf Shores or in the opposite direction to Pensacola! I can just taste the Shrimp! Happy PFF:)

  4. Totally love the card and the writing on it; love the style, the colour and the words! I think I would have so much in common with your friend.;))
    Have a lovely Friday!;)

  5. I love to get postcards from near and far. Your friend sounds wonderful. 34 cents was a long time ago.

  6. What a beautiful card, enjoyed your friends note. hehehe..

  7. I enjoyed this post Stevie. Receiving postcards from favourite blogger friends living far away over theeeeeere >>>> ... is fun too!

  8. I hadn't received a post card in years.. truly, I can't remember the last one before this past week, when one arrived from a very dear friend. It SO made my day. With e-mail so common, post card writing is a lost art.

  9. A lovely card and a great message! I wonder if she managed to find a hairy man. :)

  10. love this as I've spent many a loved vacation on the rednect riveria! (LOL) what a fun. I love friends with big personalities.

  11. I know this destination because of something work related .. I think your friend has nice handwriting and a good sense of humor .. I like that

  12. The Gulf Shores area is so beautiful, it is absolutely my favorite beach destination. So many great memories, thanks for this post!!

  13. steviewren, Great postcard! Great vacation place! Love your enthusiasm in your writing! This is my first time posting for Postcard Friendly Friday! :)

  14. So nice that you have saved will always be special!
    Handwriting tells A LOT about people.

  15. I would love some delicious shrimp for dinner.

  16. Oh, I love Gulf Shores!! I remember it from my earliest days - back before Hurricane Frederick (I think it was) - when you could still drive Dune Buggies on the beach...

  17. how fun to get postcards in the mail from a good friend. it is interesting when we can see someone's personality in their handwriting. mine has changed over the years as i've gained confidence and gotten more artistic, my writing has become larger and more flambouyant.

  18. I am real late getting out and about to everyone's blog this week. I've been out of town and have had little time to play. But I'm glad I stopped by today. Great cards!
    I hope you and yours had a beautiful weekend.

  19. How VERY fun.

    I'm sorry I am coming by so late for Postcard Friendship Friday. As you probably know, our parents were involved in a roll-over accident on the freeway and are both now recovering, leaving little time for blogging. I had a few minutes just now, though, so here I am.

    Happy PFF!

  20. Wow...I can't tell you how many times I've said that to my children and to people...People are people no matter what color or size they come in. They're like flowers--all beautiful and unique.

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