Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Chocolatey Party Favors

My friend Pam (on the right) asked Nancy (on the left) and I (behind the camera) to help her make these cute party favors for a mother/daughter banquet in April. I thought some crafty blogger out there might like to try this if you have an event coming up and want a cute favor to giveaway at the end of the evening.

Craft glue
Patterned scrapbook paper (heavy weight works the best)
Assorted matching ribbon
Hole punch
Stickers, punches, die-cut shapes...anything decorative
Hershey chocolate bars

Cut the paper into rectangles large enough to fold over candy bars adding 1/4th inch on the long side of rectangle and 1/2 inch on the shorter side. Score for the folds. Fold into a rectangular shape around the candy bar.

Apply a thin bead of craft glue. Press together until tacky. The seam can be further secured by using a sticker to hold together. We used address labels with a Bible verse and the name of the event on each. Remove the candy bar.

Use hole punch and put two or three holes in a row about one inch from one end of the rectangle. Insert ribbon through both sides.

Insert the candy bar into the end with the ribbon. The ribbon will wrap around the bar and form a holder which when pulled will pull the candy bar out of the holder.

Tie the ribbon into a cute bow and trim the ends. Decorate the box with stickers or glue or decorative shapes.

Voila! Super cute party favors.


  1. Very clever! And who wouldn't like a bit of chocolate to take home! :)

  2. Oh my stars! Cute - Cute idea and I lurve those colors of pink and browns. I definitely will be using this idea very soon. Thank you for sharing it!

  3. This is so lovely, I loved seeing the whole process in pictures and words.;)
    I am sure these will be a hit,

  4. This is great. I always do favors for Easter dinner. This might just work perfect if I can find some eastery paper.

  5. What a clever idea.. and chocolate makes it perfect. Crafty you!

  6. Such a cute idea! And really easy and quick, too! I love it!

  7. Very pretty wrappings for a chocolate favor! I love the pink and brown color scheme.
    The best past must have been doing this craft with friends!

  8. How pretty! The party favors are just a delicious as the chocolate!

  9. Soooo cute and happy -- thanks for sharing the idea. They're perfect for Valentine's Day or, dressed in spring colors, would look lovely tucked in an Easter basket.

  10. so cute! wish i had a few of the candy bars here right now, watering in my mouth!

  11. Great project !!! The candy look more delicious with those wrapper.


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