Sunday, March 14, 2010

Sunday Random

My first daffodils:

More observations on filling the void:

The front seat of my car on a typical day is a moving library (pink bag full of books on CD), a art studio (brown bag with blue straps ( sketch pad, Uppercase magazine, Vera book for inspiration), umbrella for sudden rain showers, brown jacket for falling temperatures, crumbled lunch sack which had my lunch in it earlier in the day, second umbrella on the floor (because you never know when you'll need a back up) empty drink cups, Bed, Bath and Beyond $5 coupon, blotter paper ( for makeup touch up) and my purse.

Work doodle:

Cute (in my humble opinion) baby headband that I whipped up to add to the gift for my niece's baby shower today.

The baby's name will be Sunny....In case you think I was so very clever in picking out the perfect gift bag...don't. It wasn't until I reread the invitation this morning that I noticed the baby's name. Duh!....Don't even ask how many times I read the directions to the house wrong today....We made it, that's all that counts.

Speaking of babies:

This little guy will be a big brother come next November.


  1. How fun that you picked out that sunshiney bag for Sunny without knowing her name! It was just meant to be!

    Rachel wonderful! :)

  2. Happy news! Congratulations to all. What a great Thanksgiving you will have!

  3. It is good to see that there are other bag ladies out there. Congrats on your new addition.

  4. so much goodness - i love your calendar doodles. it makes me want to order one of those calendars just to do that. but you are just the queen of it.

    and yay!!! all those sugars you will be getting at thanksgiving - love the little headband.

  5. Oh my stars! Congratulations Grandma and family! That is wonderful news!! Happy, happy, happy!

  6. Daffodils and babies.. a nice spring combo! Congrats!
    :) The Bach

  7. The headband is ADORABLE!! I wish I knew how to crochet a little flower. I would so make one for Anora. She is getting big enough to pull things off now though.... she might not tolerate a headband.

    You are so creative. You ... create!!! I admire you!

    Congrats on another grandbaby in the works. :)

  8. Mazel tov!

    And your car looks like my desk drawer .. sans the wheel

  9. Congratulations, all of you! That's great.

  10. Your car sounds like my car...never know what might come in handy!

  11. A new baby....oh wonderful!!!

    As for your headband creation...divine! I so covet your hats and headbands you seem to whip up in NO time! Lovely!

  12. Congratulations to Rachel and you too, lucky Grandma to many little blessings!! :-) She looks so happy!


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