Sunday, March 21, 2010

Dinner Time

It seems squirrel's love to use my front porch as their dinner plate.

Speaking of dinner, I'm cooking for the family today in honor of the St. Patrick's birthday boy. At his request, we're having chicken and dumplings and German chocolate cake.

Please take a second today and say a prayer for my friend J. I just got the news that she getting a new heart today. This is her second transplant. Her first heart lasted 26 years. Her second about 29. Please pray her third will be a good match.

Have a happy and blessed day everyone!


  1. Those nut casings are so funny! They cleaned those walnuts right out of there. ha ha

    Oh I lurve chicken and dumplings! SERIOUSLY LURVE! Oh my stomach is already in pains knowing that I can't get there fast enough for dinner! ha ha Have a wonderful night and make a memory!

    Praying for a successful surgery for J!

  2. Great shot!

    Sending best, healing thoughts for J. Please keep us posted.

  3. Enjoy your family day... especially filling up on good food.

    Praying for your friend!

  4. It is so funny that I just saw a squirrel go by my window with a walnut in its mouth. He was probably going to bury it in the mulch. I find several walnut trees started in my mulch every year.

    I hope your son enjoys his perfect dinner. Yummm it sounds like the best.

    Healing thoughts and prayers going to your friend J.

  5. prayers and warm thoughts for your friend.

  6. I have been seeing the nut casings all over our woods but the squirrels at your house prefer higher class dining!!!

    Will pray for J. I pray she will do VERY WELL and live MANY, MANY more HEALTHY years. Please update about her will you?

  7. love your new header,and will hold thumbs for your friend.

  8. Just prayed for J right now so I wouldn't forget! Keep us posted!

    What a delicious birthday meal!

  9. Best wishes for your friend J Steviewren. Nice that you have squirrels to keep you company there... - Dave

  10. Did the animals lined up the shells that way? Very interesting.;)
    My thoughts go to your friend with hopes that all goes well.

  11. Good thoughts going her way ...

  12. I hope everything goes well with your friend! I hope to see a great report on her! Boy, the squirrels really do love your yard! Always nice to have a family dinner!

  13. My thoughts go out to J. I sincerely hope all goes well with the op.

    That is some walnut smorgasbord for the squirrels Steviewren - delicious dinners all round!

    Jeanne x


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