Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Into the Void

Ever noticed that as soon as you clean out a drawer you find new things to put into it?

Why is it that when six people lived in my home and I had only one closet to call my own that was enough? Now that it's just me my things fill two closets and spill over into two more.

When I drive to work I try to keep three or four or more car lengths between me and the car in front of me for safety's sake. But that doesn't last long before someone pulls into the open space.

Empty the trash...fill it back up. Fill bags with stuff to donate...come home with more.

Case in point: Once this was an empty lot near my office.

Last summer a dumpster and a shopping cart suddenly appear. (no office building or grocery store in sight)

Half a year later...same lot:

Filling up with trucks and junk.

But it's not pretty...why couldn't the lot be overtaken with wild flowers and babbling brooks and chirping birds and sugar and spice and everything nice?

Nature abhors a vacuum/void.


  1. I understand the problem. I think there is a Murphy's law that say something like "Junk accumulates to fill the space available." Doesn't that explain your story Steviewren? - Dave

  2. Interesting, you and Hilary are somewhat on the same line of thoughts today.;)

    I agree with you on the space issue. I live in a big house on my own. I have about 4 closets full of clothes. And I am thinking of buying a fifth one! What is up with that??? The other day I stood in my basement looking at all those storage boxes and got almost into a stat of panic. I have so much stuff. I do not even know what is in half of the boxes...

    Very poignant post!


  3. I don't know what it is with AWOL shopping trolleys - who would bother to just dump them in the middle of nowhere? We have a lovely river running through our town, and indeed our village, and the amount of times I have reported to a well-known supermarket chain that their trolleys that have been pushed down onto the banks. It makes me so mad! Ooh you've hit a sore point here Steviewren:-)

    Jeanne x

  4. I guess maybe we could call it the "kitchen sink principle"!

  5. See, now I think it's because people abhor a vacuum. People in cars jump into that safety zone in front of you, people start junking up empty lots...

    it's the same principle that causes people, at an essentially empty beach, to park their beach blanket 3 feet from yours, to enter an almost empty theater and sit right in front of you...

    and my vacuum of a clean dining room table is constantly attracting new stuff to clutter it...

  6. Diahn, you reminded me of a huge aggravation of mine...people who sit right in front of you in an empty theater....I hate that!!!!

    My bedside table is always's a magnet for junk. I try to clean it but it's impossible for me to keep it that way.

    Dave, there must be a Murphy's Law for junk...what other explanation is there?

  7. I'm so glad you explained this. I always thought I was just.. messy. ;)

  8. I'm tellin' yah... its just vicious circle! :) The Bach

  9. HERE! HERE! I am WITH YOU! Why not wild flowers and babbling brooks??

  10. I saw a homeless man the other day and he was carrying a plastic bag with I would guess all his earthly belongings in it. Just shows though that it's possible to get by with just a few possessions. Me, I am a hoarder, I never throw anything out, so my house is way too small.

    But is it true that you ladies keep closets full of clothes because they eventually come back into fashion?

  11. The closet situation is the same here with me and the Hubs. We fill up all the spaces...and then some.

    Oh, I hope they're getting ready to build something nice for you to look at on the empty lot.

  12. Ilove nature so maybe that is why I have so much duff.

  13. Did you ever notice though, that bras and closets are different? I mean no matter how many closets you have, you accumulate enough junk to fill them. It doesn't matter how big a bra you buy, nothing accumulates there. It's just one of those mysteries I've often pondered...

  14. I am in a panic, knowing that, shortly, life is going to change radically for my. My two sons, who are still "housemates" and help with the rent will soon head for other locales. My oldest son, who has been an AF reservist for 15years tells me his unit is to report for activation next month, heading for Afghanistan. He'll miss his brother's wedding and his best man duties. My youngest, now 25, will be moving out in June when his sweetheart finishes college.

    I am going to have to find a much smaller place, sell a lot of the things I've accumulated over the years, and pare down. I don't even know where to start!!


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