Thursday, April 15, 2010

Bursting Out All Over

currently blooming in my yard, but not all pictured; pink, salmon and white azaleas, white and purple iris, purple widow's wort, running periwinkle, narcissus, violets, trillium, dandelions, white and purple snow drops, red bud tree and various weeds

Spring is my favorite time of the year for a number of reasons.
  • I relish the longer daylight hours.
  • The warm humidity free days make it a joy to be outside.
  • I wake up with more energy than any other time of the year.
  • Spring is the most beautiful time of year in the South.
  • Almost every yard is bursting with blooming bushes, trees and flowers.
  • The sides of the freeways are colored by dogwood and red bud trees.
  • Wisteria hangs from fences and covers the tallest trees with grape shaped bunches of purple and lavender flowers.
  • Mosquitoes haven't taken over any outside spaces yet.
I only wish this weather would last longer...but as usual, I know it will be gone too soon.


  1. Resounding agreement from me on all the benefits of spring. God is GOOD! What a refreshing change after a long, dark, wet winter.

  2. Stevie, to think tnat all that beauty is in your very own yard! Wow! Spring has been wonderful all around the county this year seems the harsh winter made the blooms more determined to be pleasing.

    I "hear you" about humidity though...ick! I'm not looking forward to that.

  3. Lovely collage.;) I agree with you on the longer daylight.;) No humidity here ever, thus you would most likely love our climate.

  4. Purdy flower. Who was it that said this? Thumper?

  5. I like all your favorites too!
    This weather is absolutely LIFE - GIVING!

  6. I vote for Autumn but Spring comes second. Glorious Spring photo mosaic!

  7. Hi Stevie! Thanks for dropping by my blog. It was a fantastic experience being in Salzburg.

    And on another note, experiencing Spring in the Northern Hemisphere is also something new. It is definitely a beautiful time of year!

  8. Wow - you have a great variety of plants and flowers in your yard Stevie. I love Spring too and I just planted my window boxes yesterday.

  9. All of these gorgeous blooms lift our spirits high this time of year. Even the dandelions are appreciated. Here's to spring.

  10. Beautiful blooms! I miss not having anything blooming in my yard, so I am enjoying everyone else's flowers this year:)

  11. Stevie ... that is one truly lovely floral mosaic ..

  12. Beautiful! I had to laugh at your title tho... my hubby has an Aunt June who hates her name, because back in her school days, when she was a little chubby, the kids sometimes surrounded her on the playground and started singing, "June, June, June is busting out all over!"

  13. So rented house has a concrete back yard and, in the last few years - especially since my job loss - I haven't even planted anything in my pots. Our foggy days don't help much, either!
    Being Georgia born, I always loved springtime in the South - dogwoods, azaleas and wisteria - sheer heaven.

  14. ...well summer is wonderful in that if we didn't have all that heat, humidity, and bugs we wouldn't appreciate spring and autumn so much:)

    Your yard must be beautiful right now!


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