Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Remember This?

When bathing suits looked like this?

And everyone wore a bathing cap?

When elegant really meant EL-E-GANT?

When everyone smoked?

When hats were everyday attire?

When wearing animal fur was not criminalized?

When women shaped their nails like this?

When being in vogue had nothing to do with Madonna or Sue Sylvester?

These fabulous photos are from the Flickr set of Tom Palumbo. An America photographer and theater director, he took many of these photos of one of his wives, fashion model Anne St Marie. He worked for Harper's Bazaar and Vogue magazines from 1953 to 1962.


My mother always shaped her fingernails like those in the photo. They still look the same today, although her fingers are not as long and pretty as they used to be due to arthritis.

I had a fake fur leopard skin coat when I was eleven. I have photos of the night my girlfriends and I put on makeup and took glamor shots of each other.

I hated bathing caps.

Did you see the Sue Sylvester/Jane Lynch Madonna video on Glee last week? If not check this out. Sorry, you will have to watch the commercial first.

BTW, notice the corset shot in the video and compare it to this photo taken by Horst P. Horst in 1939 of the Mainbocher Corset.

I hope you enjoyed this little trip back to a time when the ideal woman was elegant and beautiful. When they all had necks like swans and looked fabulous in pencil skirts. Good thing I was just a little kid back then...I never would have fit in. : )


  1. What a trip down memory lane. I hated bathing caps too.. they pulled hair!

  2. Oh what a GREAT, GREAT post! I remember almost all of these, even if some only from pictures, when i was a kid.;)
    I think I mostly recall the bathing caps. I hated them too. I remember how sound disappeared when I put it on and the smell of rubber, that I detested.;)
    Lovely pictures, what a great idea indeed.

  3. Fabulous post Steviewren. I remember wearing pencil skirts when they came back in the late 70s/early 80s. I adore the era of the 20s and 30s when people dressed so elegantly, and never ever without a hat!

    Love the top photo - but hated swimming caps too.


  4. They all look great to me. I can't remember my mother or ger friends looking quite that elegant or that flattering in their swim suits. Made me feel like i was back in the 'Hat" exhibition.

  5. i really miss seeing people all dressed up to go to the theatre, i miss elegance, i miss seeing hats and manners most of all! great post

  6. Although I never could have pulled off being this stylish I think these photos are stunning!....and I just loved Sue Sylvester's Vogue video...loved it!

  7. Beautiful photographs. EVERY ONE!
    It is such a rarity to see anyone truly elegantly dressed!!!

    I say I wear the MOM UNIFORM (FAR from elegant) jeans - tee shirt - hoodie and flip flops!

  8. Lovely! But let's see the old shots of you dressing up with that leopard coat!

  9. These are fabulous photos, Stevie! I like the hair pattern in that bathing cap. Our old junior high school had a swimming pool, so gym class included lessons. I had to wear a white swim cap with my last name printed across the front, since we all looked the same in our regulation red cotton suits and caps.

  10. I am not sure any longer what my real memories are vs being influenced by MadMen ...

  11. I'm such a GLEEK! loved the madonna episode.

    but yes, i remember the nails and the bathcaps. hated both really as the nails remind me of talons. my mom told me that i once told my very elegant grandmother that she wasn't a "real grandmother" because she wore red fingernail polish and looked nothing like my white haired country grandmom.

  12. I don't suppose I would have fit in well either. Although it's fun to think about. The nails! Can you imagine gardening with those? I'm happy smoking has gone out of fashion, though.

  13. Oh yes, these remind me of my Mother's hey day. Those red nails. I know red nails are in now too but I just can't bring myself to do it. Not even on my toes. Ha..

  14. Fun, fun, fun post!!!! I lurve all those retro pictures, but I think you already knew that about me. ha ha

  15. The days of true glamor. We miss this kind of smart, formal wear today, with men in smart suits and ties. D'you think we'll get back to that one day? I think, probably. great pics Steviewren.- Dave

  16. Oh Daaaaling...so devonire!
    :) The Bach

  17. this is such a fun post!! loved the madonna episode on glee. the fingernail shot makes me think of the time that my daughter (aged 7) asked my great aunt why she had witchy fingernails. it was one of those dreaded wish there was a hole to swallow me up moments. hee hee

  18. How did I miss this post, Stevie? So much fun to see all those retro looks. I also hated bathing caps and I remember wearing hats and white cotton gloves to church!

    One thing I'm happy about is that less people smoke theses days and therefore there is a lot less second hand smoke.

  19. I always love the old movies for the clothing and the elegance that has disappeared in our culture. Remember when people actually dressed nicely to go to dinner in a nice restaurant? Now anything goes it seems. Last week we went to a nice (ie. very expensive) restaurant for a friend's birthday and it was sad to see men in shorts and baseball caps and a women actually wearing sweatpants.

    I love the show Mad Men for the little blasts from the past that we've forgotten about (some of them for the better, LOL)

  20. Fun, fun, fun post!!!! I lurve all those retro pictures, but I think you already knew that about me. ha ha

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