Sunday, July 20, 2008

The Gardens

Recently, I've been thinking about the style of painting inspired by the Impressionists. I suppose my desire to post a blog about Giverny, Claude Monet's famous home and gardens where he spend the last 43 years of his life, started the whole thought process.

The big pink stucco home has been restored by using family photographs as well as information gleaned from personal correspondence.

(In the following post any photos used without credits belong to me)

Photo courtesy of Google Images

A visitor's first approach to the house is through Monet's Clos Normand or Normand style garden.

The Norman garden along with the house is located on one side of an unseen road. His large studio is located nearby.

By crossing through a passageway under the road one exits into his famous Japanese garden. I'm sure it was planned this way so that the spell wouldn't be broken for the modern visitor. The spell that Monet and his easel might be glimpsed just around the next turn.

I have a ticket for each of you if you would like come back tomorrow for more of the tour. Be sure not to miss seeing the inside of his home and more of the Japanese gardens where he spent so many hours painting waterlilies.

Thinking so much about waterlilies, inspired me to paint a bit today. I have to work to see color and pattern, to understand how to apply the color. Giving up control, seeing the impression of things, not having to put in each detail is almost impossible for me.

I am no Monet. But not many of us are.


  1. Well, you are closer to a Monet than I am! ;) Your painting is lovely! I saw lillypads or water lillies for the first time down in Mexico this spring. They had huge beautiful yellow flowers. I just loved looking at them....with those floating big leaves...just beautiful.

  2. I loved this tour of Monet's garden! I hope to see it in person one day. What time of the year did you visit Giverny, Stevie?

    Your painting is beautiful! The colors are so bright and the detail is wonderful.

  3. This is one place I have always wanted to visit! I am soooo envious! Your painting is just beautiful, Stevie.

    I'll be back tomorrow for part two of the tour...

  4. Your painting is beautiful! I fell in love with water lilies this past Fall when I visited Longview Gardens.

  5. Your painting is lovely, Stevie. Thanks for the tour of Monet's garden.

  6. Stevie, I love your picture. I want to thank you for helping me get motivated again. Although my picture this week was something just fun for Avery's room, it got me moving in the right direction. I will forever be indebted to you for our challenge. Your tour of the Monet garden is fabulous. I would love to have a ticket. I have been having so many new ideas that seemed to have opened up because I know I am going to work for every week's reveal. Let's keep on going!

  7. Beautiful pics. I'll use my ticket for tomorrow. Thanks.

  8. Your painting is beautiful. I love Monet and most other Impressionist artists. I've had the luck in spending a lot of tine in various art museums around Boston and New York, all of which had huge displays of the impressionist artists. I'm looking forward to part two.

  9. Hello again, Stevie! Please visit my blog to pick up a well deserved award and a TAG! :-)

  10. Steviewren your paiting is lovely, you are far too modest. I like the curvy lines in the water, giving the 'impression' (shall we say!) of movement. I hope you display this painting somewhere prominent, it really is a showpiece.

  11. What a fun painting you have there...Lovely! I did an homage to Monet many years ago when I was pregnant with my DS. I had a fascination with water during that pregnancy so I found a photo of one of Monet's water lily ponds and worked from that...I'll try and post an image soon if I can get a good one of it. I was in France back in the early 90's and didn't get to go to Giverny. I was heartbroken to be so close and not get to see the house and gardens.


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