Thursday, July 10, 2008

Where Do You Find Inspiration?

I enjoy browsing the internet looking for things that inspire me. These caught my eye a while back.

What types of things inspire you?


  1. I agree, the internet is a tremendous resource for inspiration. I find it fun to do google image searches on random words, like "Elegant" or "foggy night, waterfront" or "Joy".

    You just never know what will come up.

    Inspiration can also come when one is on a long meandering stroll, especially somewhere scenic, or in a neighborhood you've never been before. Oh! I think I've just described 'travel'! So add "travelling" to inspiring things.

  2. Your vintage patterns brough back fun memories of choosing the pattern and fabric to make my clothes. The trip to the fabric store was always a thrilling experience. I haven't made any clothing in centuries, though.

    I am insprired by reading. Biographies, poetry. The triumphs and powerful words of others. And on a lighter note, I'm often inspired by thumbing through magazines for decorating ideas, recipes and just plain interesing thoughts. And lately, I've been inspired by my bloggy friends, like you!

  3. It is fun to browse, isn't it? It's like have an endless stack of magazines on your coffee table. That little redhed on the pattern cover looks like she could belong to your family! :)

  4. As boring as it may sound, I find my inspiration to be creative right here in blogland. I am sure that not for my daily visits to my favorite bloggers, I would not accomplish as much as I do. I needed a push, here is where I found it. Now, I need to be pushed to the next level.

  5. I think men are inspired by great causes or quests. So movies like "The Lord of the Rings", "The Patriot", "Gettysburg," etc., inspire me.

  6. Oh my -- I can get lost in the internet-- it's so addictive. I set a timer to set a limit, or I could be online all day!

    I remember wearing dresses like the one in the second grouping of patterns you posted -- so sweet.

    Did you ever hear of Meggiecat's blog? She posts interesting art and craft and DIY sites from the internet almost everyday. You can find her blog link under "inspirations" on my blog. Lots of fun! Today she has a link of a digitalized collection of 400 Japanese woodblock prints!

  7. Lavinia and Denise I use the Internet to find inspiration also. You should see my picture file of things I have downloaded. I love to blog surf for interesting stuff.

    Pat, I have Meggiecat in my list of favorites too. I'll be sure to check out today's post.

    Strider, movies are a big source of inspiration for me too. I like the ones you mentioned as well as many others. Mmmmm this might make a good topic for a post...

    Betsy and Willow, books and magazines have always been my #1 source of inspiration since childhood. I love biographies and true stories, also missionary stories.

    I used to sew a lot and I love to look at old patterns. I wish I had saved some I had. My mother had given me some old ones that she made clothes for my sister and me. I got rid of them a few years ago....can you say "idiot!"

  8. Nature. Quiet. Music. Books. Friends. Love.

  9. Sunlight. Sunlight inspires me. When I see something, anything really, bathed in sunlight I want to capture it with the camera. It can be the dirty dishes in the dishwasher; if they're golden with sunlight they are beautiful to me.

    Likewise, I find the it's the sunny, golden ordinary days that I wish to capture visually and with words.

  10. The internet never ceases to amaze me. I have found such glorious inovative art, ingenious artists and the most inspiring blogs.

    I also have about 10 years worth of House and Liesure magazines which are jam packed with ideas.

    Being out in nature, near a river, walking through forests, pottering in rock pools all inspire me.

    Best of all is my collection of art books. I just love them!


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