Monday, July 21, 2008

Touring the House

Time to continue with our tour of Monet's home and garden. These pictures were taken the last week of June 2002. That summer was unusually hot in Europe. We were told that the flowers in the garden were in bloom ahead of their usual schedule.

There is a large bed of geraniums in front of the house.

Flowering vines and climbing roses cover much of the facade of the house.

Oriental porcelain jars, overflowing with hydrangeas, sit on the porch.

While the gardens are a riot of color, the inside of Monet's home was quite surprising. The interior spaces were colorful, but each room was decorated in what could be called almost monochromatic. Rather than try to explain I will let you see for yourselves.

Oops, I forgot what this room is. Sorry.

Monet's bedroom

Looking out the bedroom windows onto the gardens.

This is the living room. If you look you will notice paintings on all the walls.
Monet was a collector of Japanese woodcuts. They hang all over his home.

The library, I think.

His yellow dining room.

The kitchen with its famous blue Delft tiles.

No photography is allowed inside the home. They do sell postcards of the interiors. Unfortunately, I only bought two. I have spent the last week or so scouring the internet for interior shots. Take my word...there aren't any. I found a few pictures which I used for the tour, but they are also from postcards. I have done a little research trying to learn more about the unusual way the inside of the home is decorated. No luck.

If you care to read more about Monet's Japanese prints, then you will enjoy this website.

Tomorrow we will tour the Japanese garden and see the famous green bridge that is featured in so many of the artist's paintings.


  1. The gardens around the house are great. Thanks for sharing these pics.

  2. Thank you for the pictures! What a wonderful tour I just had!
    I have a book called Monet's Table by Clair Jones. Lots of wonderful pictures, info about Monet and his family and wonderful recipes.

  3. Thanks Strider. We were lucky to have had such a pretty day.

    Museswings, does your book have any pictures of the inside of the house? I really have been hunting. Even went to the library to check. What kind of recipes did your book have? Interesting.

  4. My gardens look just like that.


    They do.


    Okay. Well. I wish they did.

  5. What amazing pictures! Monet was such a character...

  6. I'm loving these posts. Looking forward to the rest. :)

  7. The home seems to have a very peaceful feel... perhaps the monochromatic decor of each room. I love the sunny yellow dining room and the blue and white kitchen; those two rooms seem to have a particularly Scandinavian/Carl Larrson look to them.

  8. Yes, I also thought Carl Larsson when I saw them. Very balanced and orderly.

    Those delft tiles are amazing.

    This was so much fun!! I'm glad you're sharing these with us, Stevie.

  9. Gorgeous! You can definitely tell he loved art, beauty and nature. Who wouldn't want to cook in that kitchen!

  10. Love this tour Steviewren! I am always upset when they say "no photographs" -- but how will I blog about this I ask! Postcards are always a good supplement. Before digital cameras I always use to buy post cards just in case my pictures didn't turn out well!
    My favorite Monet room is the Kitchen -- I love blue Delft tile.

    I'm looking forward to part 3!

  11. Oh what a treat! I would love to visit Monet's house and garden. It looks wonderful!

  12. That was a really cool tour. His rooms are pretty, but not at all what I would have expected.

  13. Stevie,
    Monet's Table is actually by Claire Joyes. I misspelled it in my first comment. It's available at The many recipes are from Claude Monet's own cooking journals. Those pictured were prepared right in his kitchen. The recipes cover the full spectrum from appetizers to desserts, and the book contains pictures of the house, gardens, his family and guests and his paintings. There is much information about the Monet family's life at Giverney. You'd love it!

  14. I must say, I do like the interior paint treatment on these walls. He had such a love of colour, and I guess he wanted to spread it around...


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