Thursday, July 10, 2008

Serious Vegging

This is me tonight. Rain outside. Vegging inside. Eating vanilla wafers out of the box. Diet Coke in hand.
Nighty night!


  1. Three cheers for vegging!!!
    Now who is that on the television? Is this one of your favourite shows, previously mentioned?

    Steviewren, you've got a good vibe going on there....relax, max!

  2. Oh by the way, I think we have the same toe nail polish (or very similar). Mine is L'oreal...a very deep pink.

  3. Yes, one of my previously mentioned favorites-Burn Notice on USA.

    My polish is by IsaDora-Flashy Pink.

    Don't you just love the color?

  4. Pass the cookies. I already have a Diet Coke. I saw you were still up on another blog. Don't we have to get up and go to work? This is the most addictive thing. I hope you are doing good. This has been a booger of a week for me. Love ya, Trish

  5. Hey Trish, I'm off to bed now...I am about to fall asleep, yet I fight it. I just don't like to waste my at home time sleeping. Of course, if I don't sleep I just might fall asleep on the commute home from I almost have a couple of times lately. So, I'm signing off for tonight. You better do the same!

  6. Yes, and remember I have to drive 3 hours tomorrow. Night. Night.

  7. Ah, yes...being able to relax well is truly a that I do not possess, but my children at least have the gene, since their dad is Stevie's relaxin' laid-back boy :-)

    S, we had many evenings together like you've shown, didn't we, during The Renovation!

  8. My favorite kind of evening! I haven't had a vanilla wafer in years!

  9. kind of evening, too! And I love your classy black shelving to house your TV.

    My toes are classic red, BTW. ;)

  10. I like your idea...vegging. I did the same outside last night,on the porch with a good book. I had a Diet Coke and Garden Salsa flavored Sun Chips. I stayed out there until I remembered we have skunks in the woods. I was home alone and it was pretty quiet out there so at 9 PM I was back in the house. :(
    Today I hope to get alot done, only time will tell. I wake up everyday with the same feeling. Today, I am determined to be productive.

  11. My daughter and I vegged last night watching the Bourned Ultamatum...we mindlessly ate chips!

  12. Strider, the Bourne Ultimatum came on right before the show I was watching. I watched 2 episodes on a Netflix CD I had before and after that.

    Willow, I usually use red polish but I found this hot pink and had to make the change.

    Beth, Yes we do know how to veg out around here! I am a master vegger as you know!

    Betsy, vanilla wafers make a good snack for me...I don't feel as compelled to eat as many of them as I might if I had chocolate chip cookies in the house.

    Denise, skunks would make me go back in the house too.

  13. I was right there with ya last night... rain outside, vanilla wafers out of the box inside.

  14. LOL!! A well deserved break!

    Is that Tom Cruise in "Top Gun" on TV? Whoops, no I see it isn't...but at first glance...

    I hope the "comments on comments" will work out for me I feel like a I need a "Blogging for Dummies" guide sometimes and it would really help if I knew how to type.

    Thanks for all the sweet comments BYW :-)

    Have a good weekend!

  15. Good for you! Vegging is by far the best of pastimes. I excell at it. I see you have my favorite TV show on! Love that program. Your blog is wonderful!

  16. looks like a little piece of heaven to me. i haven't had nilla wafers in years!


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