Saturday, July 19, 2008

Kisses & Hugs To Another Birthday Girl

Having to celebrate birthdays separated from your loved ones can be sad, but being there is not impossible. Thanks to modern technology, I am able to watch my granddaughter open her gifts and shout Happy Birthday along with her sisters.

Today is my #4 granddaughter's #6 birthday.

Happy Birthday MK!


  1. So nice you could have a cyber-party! Happy birthday to MK! :)

  2. oh, i feel for you not being able to be there for the party! we were snowed in this year and could not drive to indiana to celebrate my granddaughter's 3rd b'day. it was very sad.

    i gave you a mention on my blog this evening! thanks!

  3. The virtual parties do help alleviate the feeling of distance a's nice to have the option!

    My tiniest (at birth) child informed me at bedtime last night that she did not have a good birthday. Thankfully, this morning she reported that she'd like to have her birthday again today - a sure sign, I'd think, that it was, indeed, a Happy Birthday.

    Thanks for coming to the party, Gramma! And they're all loving your gifts.

  4. I am so happy you got to be 'present' at her party. I am so thankful for so much of modern technology. I hope she had a very special birthday. She has a wonderful grandmother!

  5. Happy (belated) Birthday to your granddaughter. What kind of birthday cake did she have?


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