Monday, July 7, 2008

Look What I Saw

When I went out to water plants a few mornings ago, I saw this tiny little frog....or is it a toad? How do you know the difference?

The coloring and size almost caused me to miss it. Look close. Do you see it?

Here is a close up. He isn't very cute is he? I wouldn't care to kiss this frog even if a prince, a castle and a fortune were involved.

I don't have many pretty flowers this year. These few photos are about all there is of my garden.

Hope your summer has more "bloomin" flowers than mine!


  1. Nobody ever toad me how to tell the difference either.. but darn, he's cute! Great shots!

  2. A frog's skin will be shiny and smooth. A toad will be bumpy and dry-looking.

  3. Hi, can bass 1 welcome to my bloggy home. Nice to see you here.

  4. looks like a toad to me but not one i've ever seen before. i can't believe how small he is. i bet it was a thrill to be able to snap his photo!!

  5. He's so tiny and adorable! And you got a wonderful macro shot of him for us to enjoy!

  6. Steviewren, your flowers (and flowerpots) are really lovely. Are those pink ones impatiens? How do you keep them happy in the hot sun of the south? You must have them in a shady spot (looks like).

    That little toad/frog/whatever is mighty cute.....was he looking for water, I wonder.

    If only a kiss would produce all those wonders!!

  7. Hi Steviewren!

    I gave away the beautiful "Just Plain Fun To Read" award today!
    I also had an "Arte y Pico" award to give away, but I saw you already just received it, otherwise you would have been in my 5 picks -- I do enjoy your blog so much!

    My blog was a little like yours today too --beauty in unexpected places ....the little frog is so cute!

  8. When I was a young lad - we use to call them "tree frogs". But, who knows.

  9. I just might be able to kiss him.


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