Saturday, December 5, 2009

Mail Art

Those of you who enjoy sending and receiving mail art...have you seen the 2009 Graceful Envelope winners? The contest's theme this year was Address the Environment. Judging was done on the basis of skill in lettering, use of color and design and interpretation of the theme.

Some of my favorite work was submitted by students. In the grades 1-6 category:

Julianna Lewis

Eva Lewis

In grades 7-12:

Abbie Tingle

Stephanie Lamb

My favorite in the Adult Winner category was:

Margaret Kubisch

In the Honorable Mention category my favorite was:

Karen Dilbeck

As for fellow bloggers who make amazing mail art, are you familiar with Dave Dube's work? If not, check out his blog sometime.


  1. These works are great considering some are young people. I have never heard of this practice before, but my wife Jill likes to put bright stickers on envelopes when she mails something. Is that similar? I don't think so.... - Dave

  2. These envelopes are so beautiful. I'd almost hate to send them off anywhere!

  3. I had never heard of this. Beautiful work at all ages.

  4. Beautiful, it makes me marvel over how many talented people that are out there...

  5. I was at the post office a while back and saw a man mailing some envelopes like this. The woman in front of me asked to see them (I'm glad she did) he had some AMAZING artwork on them and said he just does it for fun!
    I didn't know there was an actual contest for this.
    Thanks for sharing!

  6. They are all mini masterpieces! I hope they don't get lost in the post.

  7. I love this contest and check the winners every year, too, Stevie. The artworka nd calligrphy is always outstanding.

    I'm in Colorado today and it's snowing! We will be celebrating out little grand's first birthday this week. He is so much fun!

  8. I like the last two best...

    And, I cannot believe you got enough snow for it to be so pretty. We got "thick flurries" for about 20 min on Friday. That was a treat, considering the absolute rarity of snow here!

  9. Oh nice. I love the roses.. so colourful and whimsical.

  10. wow...those are excellent...especially considering their age groups! My fave is that adult submission with the postage stamps..beautiful!


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