Saturday, December 26, 2009


Santa and his helpers were good to me this year. When I unwrapped my gifts, here are a few of the things I found.

pretty necklace

dangley earrings

warm gloves

make-up and a new bag

a pretty scarf

I hope your Christmas was a nice as mine.

Now, please sit back and relax today!


  1. Yes it's a pajama resting day for me too! I lurve your gifts, every single one of them!! I like how you did it with retro pictures too! Very Cha Cha!

  2. Sounds lovely and I love the images you have here! Such a cool era. As for relaxing today, I have to deal with the mayhem that Christmas leaves behind at my house. Just a we can walk through the house. How does so much stuff accumulate over the holidays?

  3. Oh my! You received some AMAZING gifts and you look so SHEIK in them!!!
    Hope you are enjoying your weekend!

  4. If those gifts make you look like the photos, I want one of each please! :) Enjoy those Texans!

  5. I especially love the scarf, you look so chic!

  6. I am home alone for the next few days and it is quite nice. My boys gave me a hundred dollars, two lovely bottles of wine - an excellent pinot noir and my favorite Rombauer Chardonnay, five She Uemura eyeshadows ( if you've ever seen close up pictures of me, you know how I love eyeshadow! )and a bottle of Joy PERFUME. I feel most decadent!

  7. I had to work today. Booo, bah, blech. Your gifts sound very nice. You must have been a good girl.

  8. Nice gifts Steviewren. Glad you liked them. A clever way to illustrate them! - Dave

  9. Loveliness. Your day sounds lovely, and your pics are lovely. I'm glad!

  10. lovely images. i'm lusting after that cloche hat in the top photo!! oh and the scarf in the bottom one!


  11. Great gifts Stevie! LadyCat and I are relaxing.. yikes, we both have to go to work tomorrow... the snow is 5 inches deep...
    We watched Dr.Zhivago, a gift to me from my dear wife, LadyCat.
    Yes, let's all take it easy!
    The Bach

  12. All fabulous gifts! Enjoy them!

    How can "make up and new bag" lady keep such an impossibly thin waist after eating holiday sweets? I feel as if I gained back everything I lost all year in one

  13. love the hats that go with the accessories. and wish i had one of their faces. lovely pressies, enjoy stevie.

  14. i too found a pretty necklace! so glad your holidays were wonderful.

  15. Santa-baby was indeed good to you! Enjoy your treats and your relaxation.


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