Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Ten Things You Want, But Wouldn't Buy Yourself

Maybe the title should be revised to read, Ten Things I Want but Won't Buy ...Yet. Some of these I probably never will buy.

1. a new sofa
2. a big camera with all the bells, whistles and lens
3. a new pair of glasses...that I like...I have a fairly new pair, but I hate them on me
4. a one level house with a small yard
5. fabric that I love for living and dining room curtains, but that much yardage would cost $500
6. beautiful baby dolls for the grands
7. weekly watercolor lessons
8. a flat screen TV
9. a big wooden hand...seen once in a magazine and coveted every since
10. new furniture for the whole house (once I get the new sofa I know I'll want the rest)


  1. *chuckle* my title might be, things i want but will never have the money for.

    ahhh, the longing, right? that's why i love magazines sometimes.

  2. Sounds like a fine list to me. The one-level house sounds more appealing the older I get.

  3. I agree Char...that should have been my title as well.

    Hilary...a one level house AND a tiny yard to take care of.

  4. stevie, I hope Santa is listening and has a big bank book. I'm not even going to write my list. I need to win the lottery to get it all!

  5. I have bought a big red sofa for myself.;) I am intrigued about that wooden hand, what is it for?

  6. Hmmmm I could do with a new sofa too .... and beautiful curtains made with the best fabric I can find.

  7. Protege, the hand was an artist model hand. You know the adjustable kind. I just thought it was super cool. I bought a smaller one last year, but I still think about the oversized one. It just looked cool.

  8. I could have written that list - each and every item and in that order. We wish for the same things. I paint watercolor and want those dolls for my grands. I have a one level home but have nearly 4 acres that has to be kept up. I hope you get some of those things on your list.

  9. Stevie, I wish I had family that lived closer, a foot that wasn't hurt and keeping me from doing my normal routine, and I agree on a new pair of glasses that actually helped me see better and looked eyes are getting worse and worse as I get older.
    On the bright side I am happy for what I do have, as so many have so little.

  10. I think you have an attainable list here Stevie. We all have our wants. I could make a much longer list. tee hee...

  11. Great list and fun idea too! I agree, your list doesn't seem out of reach either~ :o)

  12. Hey you! How did you get MY list?
    I hear your!

  13. Great idea for a post. I want a new couch and new curtains too. Hopefully you will be able to check a few things off your list soon.

  14. I will not mention the plasma flat screen that we purchased this weekend.... :)

    I've missed you Stevie! I hope that you've been well!


  15. Stevie, I love this list. I'm getting myself a pair of glasses for Christmas. I got some cheap ones from one of those places 2 for 1 and I sure got what I paid for. The bottom of my progressive bifocals is not really strong enough and now I will go back to a regular glasses chain, not the cheapie. I would love to take some watercolor classes too. My friend got serious and kept taking class after class and now her work is selling. Not necessarily that it would be my goal, but sure would give lots of affirmation to it. Plus getting paid for doing something you love is so neat. A camera sounds wonderful.

  16. I'd love one of those cameras, too. I think my photos are good until I look at Modgirls! ha!

  17. Oh boy, I'm so with you on the one level house with a small yard. That sounds like paradise to me.

    Hope you get all ten!!!


  18. Oh I get it now! I'm with you on the camera!!

    Jeanne x


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