Friday, June 4, 2010

After 13 Hours in the Car...I'm Home Again!

sweet home Alabama

I have to say that from the four states I drove through to return home yesterday, Alabama is the prettiest. We have hills and mountains. We have plains and valleys and fields of cotton and corn and soybeans. We have tall trees and short ones and bushes and flowers and everything in between. We have beaches too. If we could just get rid of the humidity!

Texas is a flat state

...oh yeah, they might have their hill country...I'd call it lumps on the landscape...they call it hills. The girls and I made up a song as we drove...

Texas is a flat state.
Texas is a pancake.
Texas is a hotcake
In the summer!

Sung with a Texas twang!

It was 97 when we got there!

under an oleander bush at the Texas Welcome Station...only 5 more hours to go!

I sure will miss these silly faces!

Now, on to my next task....finding a job!


  1. welcome home!!!! good luck with the search - hope it goes really fast.

  2. Alabama sounds positivily wonderful...someday I'll visit...

    Good luck on the next task!

  3. I grew up in a very flat state... Iowa. Now glad to be living in Virginia where we have mountains! YAY!!

    I've never been to your state.


  4. Welcome home! I'm glad you've had such a wonderful time. Those girls sure are sweet! Do they know if they are getting a new baby brother or sister?

    It's hot and humid here, too!

  5. So glad you are back home again and that the trip went well.;)
    I have been driving through Texas too.;)
    Great set of pictures, you know I would not mind the heat and humidity a bit, send some my way please.;)
    Have a great weekend,

  6. Welcome home Lazy Lady! ha ha Those are such darling faces to be missin'! Any word of them moving closer this year? I remember a few months ago you said one of the kids may be relocating or something?

  7. what gorgeous darlings.glad you continue to visit me now and then too.

  8. I can remember, on my annual drives from New Orleans to San Francisco, it would seem like an eternity till Texas came to an end!!!

  9. I hate humidity! It has gotten humid here way too quickly.

    Glad you had such special time with your grandchildren...I'm sure you made a lot of wonderful memories!

  10. We have not met...but I agree about your Alabama. I stopped in Birmingham (A MOST beautiful city!) one year on the way back home to Naples, FL, and violined in Birmingham Symphony. Have they changed name to "Alabama Symphony"?

    Anyway, welcome home, wherever it is. You take good photos, and have GREAT models!

  11. What wonderful memories you keep helping them make

  12. good to hear you made it back! Alabama is a pretty state-visited there once for a few weeks with my sister in law and her new baby.
    Now- I live in Oregon and it isn't humid here-unless you count 2-4 inches of rain humidity! We are having the wettest spring ever in over 60 years. Whew.


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