Sunday, June 13, 2010

Snow on the Roof?

For those of you of a certain age (as I am) do you manage your gray hair?

I have never dyed my hair and I'm reluctant to start now...okay, I'm too lazy to start now. The upkeep is what I'm trying to avoid. But lately, I've been seeing more and more silver glinting back at me when I stand in front of the mirror. And now that I'm looking for another job, I don't want to give any perspective employers the idea that I'm old (heaven forbid that!).

So what is a lazy unemployed girl to do? Break out the Sun-In. If your hair is
dirty blonde to brown like mine, try my trick. So far, applying Sun-In 2 or 3 times a year lightens my hair enough to fool the eye. You're not sure if you see super blonde hairs or gray.

At least that's what I tell myself!

For the record, my 56th birthday is tomorrow. Happy Flag Day!


  1. Happy birthday! Best wishes for a wonderful day tomorrow!

  2. Have a happy birthday! I can't see any gray in the photo.

  3. Happy Birthday! I am 56 as well. Lots of gray in my blonde hair so I pay for hi-lites... expensive but it adds a brightness to my hair instead of that dull gray look. I used Sun In when it first came on the market back in the early 70's. Sure wouldn't put it on my hair now that I know how harsh it is.

    Let us know what you decide to do.

  4. Happy Birthday, I too am 56. I've been coloring my hair for a number of years now. I thought like you I'm tool lazy, but I really thought who is that old person in the mirror, so as lazy as I am, I buy a bottle of color and go to it. You are right to think potential employers will think you old. bite the bullet and color it as close to your natural color as you can, and when you get the job you can quite doing it.

  5. when i had lighter hair as a teen, i used to take baby shampoo and half it with peroxide and shampoo my hair with it. I would put it on my hair when i got into the shower and then go about my routine...then wash it out and condition it. it gradually lightened my hair. now i think about that and freak out. i tried to go gray last year when i was unemployed for 10 months...but like you, decided it was better to appear "younger".

  6. you hit the jackpot with me! i stopped dying my hair about 2 yrs ago and I love the silver goddess me!

    the first two months were hard to live through, but then i got used to it.

    i'm not a colorist, but i play one on tv lol!

  7. Happy, happy birthday!!
    I'm lucky I suppose. Being blonde, my gray just shows up as a lighter shade of the usual. Like a good highlighting job! I did ask my hairdresser last time how much of my hair was grey now and he said.."Oh, I don't know. About 30%, I guess". Gulp.

  8. I've been lucky so far. I just turned 55 and have nothing more than the odd stray gray poke out every now and then. I have never changed my hair colour and had no idea that Sun In was still on the market. I remember when it came out in the the late 1960s/early 1970s. Their slogan was "Tell them the sun did it." I think your hair looks great just as it is.

  9. I am completely white headed. I started graying early. I colored my hair for awhile but it is so white that I looked like a skunk in about 2 weeks. I finally decided that everyone would have to get used to seeing me this way. I can't help it. I hope you get a job soon. Hey, my birthday is this month too. We are the same age. I will be 57. Happy Birthday!

  10. Yes, you blondes are very fortunate when starting to grey! You cam hide anything with highlights! ha. Not me, unfortunately!

    happy, happy birthday, Stevie...I feel like you are about to embark on a wonderful new part of your life. Hope you find a super job very soon!

  11. I started graying at 30 and have to color my roots every three weeks like clockwork. I suppose at some point I will stop, but it's a bit scary. I'm not quite ready. I'll have to have lots of people holding my hand when I do!

    Happy Birthday!!! A Gemini!! I knew you were an air sign, like me.

  12. Being half Irish my grey hair showed up in my forties. I used a wash out color rinse for awhile and then began getting my hair dyed every 5 weeks. As the grey comes in more I am going a shade lighter so the roots doen't show as quickly. I don't think I'll let myself go au natural until I'm in the 70's

    Happy Birthday Stevie! Another Gemini, like me, except I am a year older.

    Good luck with your job search!

  13. I love the new look of the blog.

    Hey, I got highlights yesterday! My first official "coloring." :-)

  14. Oh are doing GREAT with using a bit of SunIn! I have been coloring my hair for YEARS due to LOTS of gray! LOTS OF IT!

    Happy Birthday to you and I pray the PERFECT job will come to you!

  15. oh happy birthday dear geminian (my son is a geminian and we get on so well as i am an aquarian)
    don't do it. i am a muddy sort of half decided to have red highlights, which have gone orange, so had the whole lot coloured, now look ridiculous. so waiting for it to grow out (skunk look) then will just have to put up with the dull grey look!!!
    see my latest post for a video of maggie- you will see me yuk!

  16. Happy belated Birthday, you do not look a day over twenty.;) And you hair colour is gorgeous!
    I have had grey hair since my late twenties. By now I am white.;) It is genetic, I take after my dad. It is funny, as with everything else i am younger than my age, but my hair is a whole different story.
    For now I am colouring it with dark colours from a bottle, but am thinking one day to just use henna and have fiery red hair.,)

  17. A Happy Birthday from me. Gray hair, but it is time.
    I am older than you and the others in their late 50's.
    Just glad to be enjoying stuff gray hair or not.

  18. Happy Birthday ... you are a kid ... I've got a few years on you ... and I dont do anything about my SILVER hair ... I dont have the time or inclination to color it ...

  19. Happy 6th Birthday! :)
    I haven't ever colored my hair either, but I did use Sun In a few times. Also lime or lemon juice squeezed on the hair when you're out in the sun, but that is sticky. Mostly I just let it do whatever it wants. I see more silver all the time, but so far, I like it!

  20. You lucky girl, gray at 56! I started turning gray at 21, and I plucked each little sucker for years...I am a brunette so they really stood out, then I got highlights for years until I was 50% gray and now dye my hair every four weeks. I love dying my hair, my colorist does it really well so I have highlights. I will never, ever, ever go all gray, it doesn't work with my ruddy complexion.

  21. happy belated birthday! i pulled the plug on dying my hair at my last appt. 3 weeks ago. i am loving the look of the silver hair showing thru the brown. it seems to be gray in streaks which have a tiny bit of drama about them. i feel very free knowing i've given in to who i am and letting my years of character building show thru.

    yours looks great and very natural! job hunting sucks. i wish you a speedy landing!!

  22. Happy belated birthday, Stevie! I just turned 57 a month ago.

    I would have never guessed there was gray in that pretty hair, so the Sun-In must be working its magic!

    I colored mine until five years ago when I got tired of the maintenance every 4 weeks. The expense was getting ridiculous, so I decided to grow it out. That was a painful experience. When it got about halfway out, I had it cut super-short to get rid of the rest and I haven't looked back. I just cut it short again for the summer. I love how I can just wash it and let it air dry, because I cannot stand using a dryer in the summer, even with the A/C on.

  23. Happy belated birthday !!
    Wish your dream come true..


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