Tuesday, June 29, 2010

I Like

  • I like burnt popcorn
  • I like the part of the cheese on cheese toast that runs over the edge and gets hard and toasty while you're cooking it.
  • I like re-runs of the Gilmore Girls.
  • I like getting a cherry limeaide from Sonic.
  • I like slipping under cool sheets on a hot night.
  • I like well done steaks.
  • I like hearing crickets sing at night.
  • I like going on long drives.
  • I like the way a full moon lights the night with silver light.
  • I like movie popcorn.
  • I like porch swings.
  • I like Toy Story toys.
  • I like sitting in the dark.
  • I like butter pecan ice cream....and rocky road.
  • I like interesting people and intelligent conversations.
  • I like using the internet to find out everything I want to know.
  • I like using the internet to see what creative people are up to now.
  • I like using the internet like a dictionary.
  • I like itunes.
  • I like air-conditioners.
  • I like eating a fresh peach over the sink...to catch the drips of juice as they run off my chin.
I really want to know. What are your current likes?


  1. Doesn't this say that simple pleasures are the best?? :)

    I like Watermelon.
    I like homemade ice cream.
    I like peaches.
    I like new journals
    I like garden magazines
    I like walks with Luna on cool mornings.
    I like reading what creative minds are up to.
    I like receiving snail mail.
    I like sending snail mail.
    I like my first cup of tea in the morning made by my DB.
    I like taking pictures.
    I like having time to think about my likes.
    I like you.

  2. I like watching re-runs in my pj's.
    I like collecting note pads and pens.
    I like laying in bed writing in my head.
    I like blueberries and whipped cream.
    I like spending time with grandkids.
    I like inspirational text messages.
    I like coffee with my cream and sugar.
    I like reading other's blogs.
    I like your blog.

  3. My current (they change quickly) crushes are:

    popcorn with Parmesan cheese
    Moser Roth 70% cocoa dark chocolate
    Ralph Waldo Emerson
    orange-red nail polish
    my local Goodwill store
    Szechuan noodles
    my black silk shirt from Orvis

  4. love your likes :)

    i like caramel - especially rollos
    i like red swedish fish
    i like getting that first hug from my nieces and nephews
    i like reading in bed
    i like dr. pepper
    i like a good burger with just ketchup and pickles
    i like photography
    i like long discussions that go deep into the night
    i like listening to npr
    i like vanilla shakes
    i like how honeysuckle smells on a hot summer afternoon
    i like watching butterflies drinking from wild flowers
    i like moving slow in the mornings

  5. I'm inspired by all of your lists! More, more!

  6. I like this post of yours.
    I like the light just before a thunder storm.
    I like the smell of freshly mowed grass.
    I like cooking a great meal that everyone likes.
    I like wandering through the woods on a sunny morning with my binoculars.
    I like the ocean.
    I like reading, reading.
    I like laughing and people who make me laugh too.
    I like that I like so many things! this list could go on and on and on, and I like that too.

  7. I like fried okra.
    I like a few minutes to read a great book.
    I like shirts that fit over my big ole pregnant belly, but don't look like tents.
    I like NOT being hot.
    I like it that swim lessons are almost over for my kids.
    I like summer rain.
    I like a treat out with a girlfriend.
    I like my girls' ponytails hanging down.
    I like the rumble, roar, and blaring honk of freight trains.

  8. I like YOU!
    I like Biscuits and Gravy
    I like Diet Pepsi
    I like the iPhone
    I like the internet
    I like hardback books
    I like all kinds of foods from different cultures
    I like kittens
    I like air-conditioning
    I like owning a car
    I like to see my family happy

  9. I like Route 44 Vanilla Cokes from Sonic.
    I like summer thunderstorms.
    I like the smell in the air after the rain.
    I like floating peacefully in the pool.
    I like homemade ice cream.
    I like said ice cream with fresh blueberry pie.

  10. I like ice cream!!
    I like bread and butter!
    I like to lose weight :)

    I like your likes!
    :) The Bach

  11. nice. i like the list..

    i like the cheese that runs over too! and strawberry limeaids! i like trees and getting lost in them...the burble of a stream running over rocks...tickle fights with my boys and wife...and hide and seek...

  12. I like to hear my little niece laughing.
    I like a fresh RIPE tomato straight off the vine.
    I like watermelons with salt.
    I like surprise presents.
    I like Ethiopian food.
    I like sleeping in a very cool room.
    I like the silence of living in the country.
    I like tangerine marmalade.
    I like cool foggy mornings.
    I like rocky northern beaches.
    I like learning new cooking techniques.
    I like getting that perfect photo shot.

  13. Fresh blueberries w/vanilla ice cream
    our new bedroom air conditioner
    our new mattress
    days with low humidity
    reading blogs
    Googling people from my past
    Old movies
    Old songs .. standards they are called
    rescue shelters
    my job
    my new AND my old camera

  14. Fresh, buttery rolls
    STRAWBERRIES sprinkled with powdered sugar
    puppies and kittens
    Staying up LATE and being ALONE!
    Porch swings
    Eating breakfast OUT

    And, when I grocer shop this week I am going to try a cherry limeade from Sonic!!! Thank you very much!

  15. I like roasty toasty melted cheese
    Ripe mangoes eaten over the sink
    Walks through forests
    and long beaches
    Wild monkeys feeding from my hands
    Hearing guinea fowl at dusk
    Finding bargains at flea markets
    Honey Horlicks milkshakes
    My husbands quirky sense of humour
    My daughter's unbridled laughter
    Art books
    Creating art in solitude

  16. I LOVE your list stevie:)
    and right now I like
    -salt and pepper potato chips
    -Campari and soda
    -roasted beets on salads
    -Ginger Ice Cream
    -the sounds of a whip-poor-will at
    night and of the wood thrush in the evening
    -listening to grandchildren talk to themselves
    -Cooking for friends
    -The Daily Show with Jon Stewart
    -my iphone:)

    I guess once you start this it is hard to stop:)

  17. Air conditioning! Definitely air conditioning! It was 101 here today! Whew!

  18. I like burnt popcorn, too, but I got sick on it once when I was pregnant and haven't been able to eat it since.

    My daughter Aimee's friend Marion calls the grilled cheese drips "hang-y pieces" and always asked me to make her one with them. So now we all call them "hang-y pieces" and they're the best part.

  19. I agree with most of your likes.;)) Right now I like to come home from work and sit on my favorite spot by the open window, watching sunsets and drinking sparkling white wine.;))


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