Sunday, June 6, 2010

Magpie 17

Open mouths
garbled words
layered orations, his and mine
monologues of love and hate
rants and raves
silly and sad
coupled in wedlock
connectionless contact
divorced, invectiveness released
wordless peace
separate soliloquies of accord


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  1. Yes, reminds me of my ex-wife. althought the magpie bust is prettier but then again, my ex had a prettier bust!
    Seriously, conflict in a difficult marriage is succinctly expressed.

  2. As a twice divorced woman, I totally 'get' your Magpie! Good job!

  3. Realistic portrait of an ill fated relationship.

  4. stone hard times-I remember well...good Magpie!

  5. This is an absolutely splendid magpie and depiction of a dysfunctional marriage and its demise. You did an incredible job!

    At 65, I've done it! My poetry book - Life's Journey by Carmen Henesy - is out on Amazon!
    ( Poems about the things that have been important to me in my journey through life, some humorous, some sad, some that may have meaning to you as well )

  6. honest life in few words....well done bkm

  7. You do the Magpie prompts so well, Stevie! Glad you are back home safe and sound.

  8. This was a great Magpie. A great portrayal of a marriage in tatters.
    I can see from the comments that a lot of your readers know exactly where you're coming from.
    Have a nice day!!

  9. Eloquent description of a moment in time, that can indeed leave one in a state of disbelieve. And I guess you drew on your own experiences...
    Have a lovely day,

  10. Stevie, I love how you weave your life into your writing. Beautiful and powerful.

  11. oh but t breaks my heart that harmony once found was lost...nice yet painful magpie...

  12. 1. I clicked on "stevie" thinking that (finally) I have found a worthy Man's blog--a comment you made somewhere was quite philosophically compatible! --grin! NOTE: NOT that I was anxious to find a male blogger.
    Just to salve my conscience, maybe?

    2. I MUST look up this "Magpie" thing. Nearly two years blogging--I must be in hiding! (No--just slow to catch on--that's the truth.)

    3. Your "Magpie" is a too-often-played scenario...maybe however, better than the old method of staying married "Come hell or high water"!

    4. Well written, short and hard to beat (I left out "sweet"!) I know I've seen Magpies before, but this is the first which really opened up mine eyes....
    THANK you!

  13. You summed up a broken relationship very well. Been there, done that. Great Magpie!

  14. "connectionless contact" I should have a T-Shirt somewhere in my past with that written on it. Great Magpie.

  15. An excellent evocation of two people talking and neither listening.

  16. This is one great read. You couldn't have found a better photo to go with it either.

  17. wow alot said in so few words! Great creativity, Stevie!
    :) The Bach

  18. I get this and you wrote it all so beautifully.
    "monologues of love and hate
    rants and raves"
    I loved that part.

  19. Been there, sometimes still feel that!

  20. very well done Stevie. You caught 'it', the vitriole of a marriage that doesn't work, the finding of your own voice once you are released from it. I remember once, in all the grief and turmoil from my own marriage and the separation. I remember looking up at the sky at the stars vast and as far as the eye could see, and marveling about it. Suddenly in the middle of that came this huge rush of relief that I never had to go back, that it was done, and it was followed by such a rush of joy that it made me ashamed.

  21. A great job of writing and conveying so much in a short space. Done all those things, just happen to be still married after 50 years. Old fashioned, I guess.

  22. Dear Stevie: The dictomies evolve into a complete picture of separateness. Understood by the structure of the poem and the nature of opposites. Excellent!

  23. I love this. There's something about short and sweet and coming to the point in as keen a point as you can make. It is nice to read this.

  24. the polarity -repeling yet drawing closer-well done!


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