Sunday, June 27, 2010

My Week in a Nutshell

I haven't posted much because nothing much has been happening around here.

I'm still jobless.

Mowed some.

fantasized about owning one of these beauties...mama's little yard helper

I met my DIL and the grands for lunch on Tuesday.

I'm determined to finish crocheting a baby blanket, whose supplies were bought at least 5 years I'm crocheting endlessly.

I went to lunch with my former female co-workers on Thursday.

I babysat for Elijah on Friday.

he thinks he's big stuff sitting in this chair all by himself

Rachel and I went shopping at the Bent and Dent yesterday. It is a metal building out in the country full of seconds, rejects, etc. I picked up Belgium butter cookies, 3 boxes of biscotti, 3 jars of pesto, some Chex cereal, Louisiana hot sauce, 2 boxes of sweet and salty granola bars and wheat bran for muffins....all for under $18. Next stop, the local fresh food market for peaches, tomatoes, beans, peas, and a watermelon. After that a fast dash through the grocery store for a few more things.

I made a onion tart, some zucchini corn muffins, baked pork chops and cooked/burnt the beans.

We ate our yummy supper while we watched Chris Rock's documentary (Good Hair) about the way black women think about their hair.

She left early and I spent the rest of the evening crocheting. I hope I finish the blanket soon because I'm tried of being obsessed with it. While I work, I'm watching HGTV endlessly. The upshot of that is now I want to redecorate my living room.

But not until I finish the blanket.


  1. You crack me up, stevie. You know what I've been thinking about lately and haven't had in might have them in Alabama ( isn't that where you are? ) - muscadines and scuppernongs. I used to find them at the farmer's market in Columbus, GA when I would visit my mom....won't be there any more, probably. Now that she's in the extended care facility outside Atlanta, I will go there, if at all. Finances are so bleak.

    I am giving up on finishing a blanket I started in nursing school 45 years ago!

  2. did you go to Andy's? I used to love Andy's.

    he is getting so grown up.

  3. Great post, Stevie, you Grandson is adorable, and he is a big guy. Good luck on the blanket. I did a patchwork quilt when I was in college for my niece, by the time I actually quilted it she changed bed size. So I know what you are talking about with your blanket.

  4. I tried to knit.. or crochet... or something with string and 2 needles back in 1960 or '70 something. No blankets have come out of it yet.


  5. what you are doing is healthy, keeping busy, seeing the grands, just putting one step in front of the other, keep on keeping on dear one.

  6. Sounds liked a lovely week to me!!!

    And he is sooooooo A-D-O-R-A-B-L-E!!

  7. I'd love to shop at the Bent and Dent! I always check out the clearance dent cart at Kroger. :)

    Make sure we get to see that blanket when you're finished!

  8. Your grandson is so handsome Is he talking a little? My little guy is so funny now that he can carry out a conversation.

    I love discount stores like your Bent and Dent.

    I can't wait to see see blanket when it is finished.

  9. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Bent and Dent sounds like my kind of place to shop.

  10. I hope you finish that baby blanket, I can't wait to see it. That sounds like a nice week. I can not watch HGTV anymore, I am never satisfied with my house when I watch it! They have so many great ideas! It's like watching The Food Network, I always get hungry!

  11. i bet that babysitting was fun though. cute little get back to work and finish that blanket. smiles.

  12. I think it sounds like there is an awful lot going on there stevie!

    I've been thinking of starting to knit a sweater for my granddaughte...she is now size 2-3 but I'm planning on knitting a will still probably be too small for her by the time I finish:)

  13. Lots of good things going on there I would say Steviewren, and Elijah is growing so fast!

    Enjoy your continued exile from the world of work!!!


  14. You would not be remiss if you posted your recipe for onion tart.

    Don't rush the job thing. It's going to happen. Enjoy your time now, because you will never have this kind of free time again. At least not until you're ready to retire.

  15. Just catching up on your recent posts Stevie, and wow there is a lot happening in your life.
    We don't have a Bent and Dent here but it sounds like a great place - even the name has an exciting ring to it!


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