Thursday, August 26, 2010

I Heart Geeks and Nerds


Season 1 disc 2 of The Big Bang Theory is in my Netflix queue. (laughed my self silly last night watching disc 1) It has to be the funniest show currently on television.

It tickles my funny bone to no end probably because it comes pretty close to being like two of my sons and my son-in-law and one daughter-in-law. I love it when they go all geeky on me....gaming, role-playing, comic book loving, technical talking, Japanese anime, model making, etc.

The best overheard conversations are the ones in which they argue the merits of "real" fantasy books and writers with their trendy banal sorely lacking in original material but currently popular counterparts. Or the times they talk computer and I only understand every fifth word. Or when I learn some economic or scientific theory I've never heard of before.

I'd like to think that I'm like Penny. She's the cute, sexy, normal neighbor on the show. But the truth is I am a nerd and a dork.


  1. love that show!!!! my nephews and sister come over to watch it - it's our family "thing"

  2. I see that at least one of the cast members is up for an Emmy award...and the NYTimes likes it...somehow I've just never seen the show...will have to record it to check it out:)

  3. I have got to watch that show...
    Hope you have a wonderful weekend! :-)

  4. They just started to send this show here; when I saw it listed in the schedule a few days ago, I thought first it was a scientific documentary. When I saw it was not, I ignored it. Now I might try to see it.;))

  5. I love The Big Bang Theory. The characters certainly grow on you.. particularly mister Bazinga himself - Sheldon is such a hoot!


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