Friday, August 13, 2010

Ah, summer, what power you have to make us suffer ....

Just about everything outside my door looks like this.

Alabama has never, repeat never seen weather this hot for his long. A couple of days ago the Birmingham metro area broke the previous record for # of consecutive days 90 degrees or warmer. The old record was a tie between 1932 and 2007 when there were 37 consecutive days of 90 + heat. As of today, August 13th, we've had 40 consecutive days of 90+ heat. The last time we had a high under 90 degrees was on July 4th.

Folks, it's hot here in the South. Which reminds me of an assignment I had in my college philosophy class. We were learning about Venn Diagrams and syllogisms. A syllogism is a type of logical argument in which a conclusion is inferred by two premises. It can be thought of as a type of deductive reasoning. Facts are determined by combining existing statements. Here's an example:
Major premise: All mortals die.
Minor premise: All men are mortals.
Conclusion: All men die.
Anywooo....all that to say, here is a syllogism I made up.

Hell is hot.
The South is hot.
The South is Hell.

I think it's an appropriate assessment of our current weather.


  1. Venn would be heading for the shade, scrathing his head and thinking - what the hell... this is hot! Hell it's hot!

  2. That's summer Steviewren. Those temps are sure hot if you are not used to it. Too hot for me on a prolonged basis like you are having. I found your examples of facts and syllogisms interesting. - Dave

  3. Even up north here along Lake Erie we have had very humid HOT days. I am so looking forward to September.
    Hang in there.

  4. We are stuck in that same weather pattern. Even my friends that love summer and have pools are whining about the heat. UGH...

  5. It is that type of day which demands you do NOT venture OUT of an air conditioned shelter!

  6. It's hot here too, not THAT hot, but hot. I am in the basement where it is cooler, now if I could figure out a way to shut down the "inner" heat wave that keeps taking me over .... as for deductive reasoning? I have none anymore. My brain is a muddle.

  7. I'd say you're having one helluva summer, Stevie!

  8. Good one, Stevie. I hope the weather breaks for you.

  9. Central Ohio has been hell, too. But you know what? We have a reprieve today! Low 80s and low humidity. I forgot what it was like. Ahh.

  10. Perhaps... but it's sure paradise in the winter!

  11. I don't envy you at all as I have to turn on my heated throw to warm up my bed at night. I shiver when I go out in the evenings and am glad of a shawl to throw over my shoulder. No 90 degree temperatures in the San Francisco area....and no air contioning around here, either...but it's not impossible to have an occasional hot just hasn't happened yet.


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