Sunday, August 15, 2010

Random Photo Day Circa Early 1900s

This movie debuted in 1920.

This movie was also from 1920.

These photos are the work of O.V. Hunt, 1881-1962. They show Birmingham in the second and third decade of the last century. You can find more of his photographs here and here.

None of these businesses or locations exist in this form today. The Galax and the Alcazar theaters are long gone. Their heyday was during the silent movie era. The only thing I can find out about Herman Saks is in 1934 his company was involved in a law suit regarding mental anguish. The Birmingham Ledger was bought out by its rival paper, The Birmingham News, in 1918. And, I can't locate any info about Garrard's Auto Repair Co.

Each photo contains a snippet of history that would be long gone except for these black and white images which were taken almost a century ago. I wonder what people will think 100 years from now when they look at the photos we take today.


  1. wow - these are so very cool

  2. Oh, how very fun! Wouldn't you love to step back in time for a couple of days and experience their way of life? (just so we could get back to 2010! haha)

  3. I love looking at old photos...I always want to know the story that goes with them...These are wonderful...
    Re-reading To Kill a Mockingbird has given me a yearning to visit Alabama...but I think I will wait for cooler weather:)

  4. Interesting old photos Steviewren. I agree with Betsy and Oliag's comments. Old photos are great to see and it would be facinating to know more about them - Dave.

  5. Really interesting photo's! And to think of the trouble photographers had to go to in those days. Taking a photograph was very a laborious procedure, not to mention developing the negatives and printing the pictures in a darkroom.
    Oh how times have changed!

  6. oh wow i just love old black and whites, must be an aging thing, cos my sons think i am crazy!

  7. Well we were on the same track today. I have never heard of these old B'ham theaters. How grand that you were able to find these photos.

  8. Count me in with the people who love old pictures. I would love to take a little trip to 1910 for a few days. Just not to Alabama in August in the middle of a heat wave! Sorry to hear about the hot weather you are having. We are having the warmest summer on record, but nothing like what you are experiencing. Stay cool!

  9. I am so glad not to be in GA and AL in the summer. We haven't had any hot weather at all. I'm wrapped up in two throws as I sit at the computer - normally, I have a space heater running but I'm trying to keep the electricity bill down!

    In this day of digital cameras and fancy cell phones that take pictures, we're forgetting the real art of photography.

  10. I've often thought that too in wondering how future generations will look at my family photos. They are such a stark contrast to the serious photos of a hundred years ago.

  11. These old photos are really cool !!
    I started a project by capture the photos of all the old building in town. Still in progress. But may be later will consider to make some record of it.


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