Thursday, September 2, 2010

A List of Lists

favorite snacks:
(not in order of most favorite to least fave because that is subject to change)

1. potato chips
2. potato chips and dip
3. cold pizza
4. fresh cherries
5. almonds
6. cashews
8. poppycock
9. Homestyle popcorn
10. pimento cheese scooped up out of the container with snack crackers

favorite hobbies:
(also not in order of most to least fave because again I change my mind a lot)

1. reading
2. cutting and pasting random bits of paper into collages or books or recipe cards
3. sewing
4. crocheting
5. painting
6. scrapbooking
7. photography
8. drawing/doodling
9. embroidery
10. jewelery making

favorite books:
(apply above disclaimer here as well)

1. To Kill A Mockingbird
2. Cold Sassy Tree
3. Hunt for Red October
4. The Bourne Trilogy
5. Lonesome Dove
6. Shopaholic
7. The Help
8. East Wind West Wind
9. Jane Eyre
10. Dear Papa

favorite comfort stuff:
(you know the drill)

1. my children
2. chocolate milk
3. good movies
4. friends
5. pajamas
6. listening to the sound of chirping birds or crickets
7. icy diet cokes
8. cut and pasting (see favorite crafts)
9. listening to Vivaldi's Four Seasons
10. listening to rain

favorite things to dream about:
(yada yada)

1. a summer-long road trip
2. being able to retire (which is sort of what being laid off is like :)
3. being naturally thin (my favorite fantasy of all)
4. getting a fantastic job which I LOVE going to everyday
5. seeing the Milky Way/shooting stars/aurora borealis
6. having my grandchildren remember me as a wonderful gramma after I'm gone
7. having my children remember me as a wonderful mother
8. all the sorts of houses and locations I would like to live in
9. having beautiful beds of cutting flowers
10. being more productive (which I probably would be if I didn't waste time dreaming about being it rather than just getting on with it)

This list of lists could go on and on, but I need to get up and get productive. I'm busy making bunting and dolls....rather, I should be busy making bunting and dolls.....Ciao for now!

I'm back because I just realized that I didn't list food as one of my comfort stuffs. Even though it's true, I'm happy that it didn't immediately come to mind....because it's one of those habits I would like to break.

Ok, back to sewing.....ciao again!


  1. I will tag along on one item in one of your lists -- "a summer-long road trip". I have always dreamed of spending one year traveling throughout the United States and Canada. My dream is to see as much as possible of each state and province. I would like to buy a RV that could house our motorcycle. We could travel in the RV, park it and explore a particular area by motorcycle. Once our exploration is complete, we would move on to another area, etc.

  2. oh you know i love lists!! mmmmmmm

    so many things to love here. have you ever made the blue moon version of pimento cheese? it has pecans and olives (green) in it. yum

  3. Lists .. I love lists and I love a lot of your favorite things/books/foods ...and I am extremely fickle so the order change thing works for me too ...

  4. My lists are always changing and rearranging. Currently, my favorite snack is air-popped popcorn with Parmesan.

  5. Interesting lists. They made me think of what I would put down.

  6. I enjoyed your lists so much and I happened to have just finished a bowl of potato chips when reading your blog.

  7. Just had potato chips for supper, I'm listening to crickets as I type this, my favorite hobbies are reading and photography, I just finished reading To Kill a Mockingbird which I loved, and I have the same dreams as you:) I think we would get along well!

  8. What a great set of lists!! I love your comfort number one and your number one dream could be mine.;))
    Have a great Friday,

  9. And making lists Steviewren? :-)
    Why not? Gives us clarity of mind and focus. - Dave

  10. Love your lists....Steviewren...i know your grandkids will remember you as a wonderful gramma! :-)

  11. I have Lonesome Dove on my book list to read! I remember my Mom reading it when I was younger. I should rent that movie.

    By the way, your newest granddaughter is A-D-O-R-A-B-L-E! That is such a sweet pic of her!

  12. Cool lists... but are they all listed in order of most favorite to least favorite? JUST KIDDING! (Before you hit me!) Seriously, I don't know how my grandchildren will remember me, but I sure know how I feel about the one I've got. But I don't possess enough adjectives to describe her!

  13. Your lists are very insightful Stevie and I will join you in the "thin" wish! I used to be thin but probably will never be again. I'm ok with that as long as I stay healthy.

    I with Oliag ..we would get along very well!

  14. PS: Your new grand daughter is adorable! Is she your 9th grand child?


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