Monday, September 27, 2010

My To Do List

I'm going to break out the watercolors one day soon and paint this bowl of tomatoes. I love the vibrant colors and patterns on the bowl and salt and pepper shakers.

But not today. I got a good start on aqua baby sweater #2 last night and I want to finish it. I've also got more bunting in the works as well as sewing up some cute pincushions.

Then there is my next big project....a baby quilt for grand #10. I bought some sweet material from Anna Marie Horner's Folksy Flannels and Little Folks collections.  I've never made a quilt before so it will be a learning experience. I want to incorporate some embroidery into it as well. I've got lots of planning to do on this project.

We finally got some rain this weekend so I expect I will have to mow grass soon as well.

What about you? What's on your to do list for the week?


  1. Oh I agree with you on the beauty of the tomatoes and the bowl.;)
    My to do list this week is short. I should only deal with one thing in my life that I have been postponing for way too long...
    Have a lovely Monday.;)

  2. Well, I've got to buy a new printer. Mine died, just after I got three new ink cartridges. I have a move in store and I'm still hoping to go to India in December for six months....have to try to pay off some of my debts so I can get a smaller apartment and I've totally wiped out my savings in the 18 months since I lost my job. My lease is up in Dec and my rent is $2325/mo ( my pension is $2330 after taxes ) so, with only $1300 after taxes from SS, I haven't even enough left for bills, food, etc. $20,000 went by pretty fast!

  3. How long will those tomatoes stay fresh for your painting Steviewren? :-) Re- plans, none at the moment due to one sad arm which is quite limiting. There's always the computer or a good book. :-) - Dave

  4. Today is my daughters birthday. We are traveling to visit and celebrate with her. I have a long to do list for this week. Of course I will have some fun thrown in. I love quilts but have never tried to make one. I feel like you need to be something of a perfectionist to make them what with putting all those seams together straight and all. Good luck I will be anxious to see your completed project. It sounds like fun.

  5. Love the bright tomatoes in the bowl but I also love your sewing sure to post them!

    I have a list a mile long but it contains some fun activities/projects that I like to NOT too daunting!!

    Happy Monday!

  6. My week will be spent working here at the office and then heading home to care for our sick cat ..

    You must visit Deborah here because she and her MIL made the most amazing quilt ..

  7. Those tomatos will make stunning models! I could finish knitting the scarf this week if I put my mind to it...I really want to clean all my kitchen cupboards out though...throw out or use up all those items that I have forgotten I bought and stored:)...Sound like fun?

  8. I have 4 gift baskets to make a deliver. And I need to get serious about having a garage sale now that the weather isn't scorching!

    I'm loving the way your S&P coordinates so well with your bowl! :)

  9. Thanks for visiting Stevie. I see you're also in finance? Me too. Amazing that 2 'numbers' people can also be so creative, though you beat me hands down but certainly 'inspire' me. My to do list? Busy spring cleaning my house drawer by drawer, that'll be on my home (weekend) to do list for a month more, progress is happening, got the spare room and bathroom and medicines cupboards done last week.

    Good luck with your quilt, certainly a nice challenging where do you live if I may ask?


  10. I can't get over you are expecting grandchild #10! You have been blessed Stevie. I can't wait to see the quilt you make.

    I have an eye doctor visit, library books to bring back, many long sleeve shirts to iron as my husband is switching from short sleeves, and I'm making another week's worth of meals for my Mom to re-heat as she isn't able to cook much any longer. Lots of things to keep me busy! :)

  11. looking forward to seeing the watercolor and especially the quilt. you are so blessed to have so many grandchildren . . . and i know you feel the blessedness.


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