Thursday, September 16, 2010

Weary World

I'm mostly introverted. I love people, but can only be with them for so long before I must escape and hibernate for a while. My friend Nancy is an extrovert. She loves fun, adventure and parties. She never calls me Eeyore and I try to keep up with her boundless energy for as long as I can take it.

She needs a part-time job (in addition to the full time one she already has) to keep up with her bills. It is a crying shame that a woman who is nearing retirement age has to look for a second job...just sayin!  Anyhoo, she told me two hilarious stories last week, one which inspired this cartoon.

The other story inspired the title. One of her co-workers mistakenly called a worry-free loan weary-free.  Isn't that just the opposite of what so much of life is like ....weary-free?

Sometimes ya just got to laugh about it all!

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  1. Oh, I have a friend that is the opposite to me as well - she is the one I traveled in Spain with when we were young.;) She made sure we were never ever sitting in our room; if it was up to me, that what would have happened very often.;) Thus my three dollars story would have never come to pass.;)
    Love your cartoon; and what a shame for your friend. I am considering myself lucky after all, that I can pay my mortgage, despite living on my own; it is tight but I can manage.
    Have a nice Friday,

  2. I'm like you...I'd be a perfect hermit...just puttering around in my little nest away from everything and everyone! ha.

  3. Lady, copyright this immediately!!! I'm serious. You have a gift and I think you could market this into a regular comic strip. Really. It's genius. The artwork is perfect and I love the title font. I would read it every day.

  4. OH, I do feel sorry for your friend! There are only SO MANY HOURS in a day!

    I am a mix of introvert and extrovert...the older I get I find myself preferring to be AT HOME and on my OWN turf!

  5. It just seems a little too easy to get caught up in living ahead of yourself, so easy that the next thing you know, you're unable to keep up, and you spend those precious days working to pay for a life that you've no time to enjoy.

  6. Stevie you are so talented! This cartoon is adorable and says so much in such a little amount of space because of those expressions.

    I'm am like you! I'm sociable but I am also quite content to be off on my own.

  7. I love your cartoon! It is the perfect vehicle for your artwork and wit...:)

    If it weren't for Mr O I would never leave the house and I would have no friends!

    Even though it is a shame that she has to do it, I admire your friend's get up and go...

  8. Your friend will indeed be "weary" if she does this second job. My niece did two jobs for years. She is now 40something and has finally decided she needs to quit her second job. I don't know how they do it. I certainly know why.

  9. Cute cartoon...just another of your talents. Alas, I'm bemoaning my lack of even ONE job. Do you think I'll ever stop mourning that, stevie? I feel like my heart was ripped from my body with the loss of that 21 year nursing position as forensic nursing was the passion of my life, my identity, really.

    I do stay busy and I thank God for blogging, now a year old!! Otherwise, I'd have ended up in the funny farm.


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